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Champion Power Equipment 46534 4,000 Watt 4-Cycle Gas Powered RV Ready Portable Generator With Wheel Kit (CARB Compliant)

Champion Power Equipment 46534 4,000 Watt 4-Cycle Gas Powered RV Ready Portable Generator With Wheel Kit (CARB Compliant) Description

Champion Power Equipment specializes in the design, manufacture and support of dependable, durable, and affordable portable generators, transfer pumps, pressure washers and winches. Champion offers the highest endurance and performance generators on the market today. Each generator is designed to provide a reliable and instant power supply.


  •     4,000 peak watts / 3,500 running watts
  •     4.0 gallon (15L) fuel tank
  •     12 running hours at 50% Load
  •     Low oil sensor to prevent engine damage and automatic decompression for easy starting
  •     RV ready with ideal pre-wired electrical connections

This review is from: Champion Power Equipment 46534 4,000 Watt 4-Cycle Gas Powered RV Ready Portable Generator With Wheel Kit (CARB Compliant)

Preformed as Claims, December 11, 2011 By WL (NJ)

It started easily and performed as claimed. The generator appears well built compare to others in this price range. Noise level is moderate. It would be ideal, if it has 220v outlet. I give it a 4 stars for meeting my expectation.

Works like a champ
, December 11, 2011 By Daniel J. Kenny

Nice looking machine. Ordered it on a Monday afternoon and it arrived on friday. Standard shipping. Took about 15 minutes to set up. Putting oil in is a little difficult, but no big deal. Wheel kit makes it easy to move around. Puts ol and gas in and after 2nd pul started up. Great machine. A piece of me wishes I would loose power to see this machine work at it's best. Just having it gives me piece of mind.

Great generator, December 8, 2011 By Richie

bought this generator during are first snow storm,we were out of power for 8 days .
Great price and shipped fast .Eazy to put together , it started on the second pull .
It ran the refridgerator ,lights small tv , heaters , computers and coffee maker.
It ran 12 hours on a full tank of gas.

Champion 3500/4000w Generator - a perfect choice!, December 7, 2011 By Dan "Dan" (Putnam County, NY)

After experiencing multiple power outages in Putnam County, NY (2 to 3 times a year), I decided it was time for a generator. After viewing many reviews and doing cost comparisons I decided to purchase the Champion 3500/4000. I figured that I would need to run my boiler for heat (1200w), refrigerator(1500w), a few lights (50w - using florescent bulbs is great), and a TV (130w - 55" LED Sony). After viewing the watt requirements and doing some quick calculations I knew I needed at least a 3,000w etc... Thus, the 3500/4000 seemed like a perfect fit. Needless to say I am extremely happy with my choice. After utilizing the generator a few times it more than paid for itself (1 refrigerator full of food loss is more than the cost of this generator). I just wish I purchased a generator a few years back!!! For under $400's I have fully protected my house from power loss. Also, being a smaller generator (the guys at home depot suggested a 6000watt + generator - it's simple just do the math and you will know what is really required) is perfect because it is also portable enough that you can throw in the back of a car.

The only added expense you will need to pick up for this generator is the Twist Cables (L5-30P to regular outlets (5-20r's - I went with a 3' split)) if you want to take advantage of the full 3500/4000w operating capabilities. The single 5-20r located on the unit can only provide up to 2000w. You will need to use either the L5-30p or RV outlets to obtain the full 4000w capabilities. Again, really the perfect choice for my needs and clearly without busting my budget. Hope you find this helpful!

Champion Gas Powered Generator, 4,000 Watt 4 cycle, November 25, 2011 By RB

This generator was purchased for emergency use only when our power goes off, which doesn't happen often but does on rare occasions. For that reason, it has not been used as yet, but we were very happy with its size & the way it started off immediately.

We weren't pleased with the way UPS delivered it by just putting it on our front porch without knocking on the door or asking where we wanted it, which required my husband to get the hand truck & moving the generator down two sets of steps, two steps each, an incline & then to the area we want it.

We also ordered a "large" cover by mistake, which is too large for this generator, but will do.

Fantastic generator at a great price, November 16, 2011 By rocklayer2

I received the generator on time and set it up folowing the quick set up guide. First drained the little bit of oil that was in the moter and then filled with 10w30 oil. Then I started the generator and it started on the second pull! It was very quite compared to my old generator. I am a contractor and sometimes need to run a 15 amp electric air compressor on jobs and my old generator couldn't handle the startup of the electic motor. The new champion generator powered it with no problem and was even able to power a 12 amp saw with the compressor running. I also purchased the 30 amp twist lock to regular plug adapter from amazon. I am super happy with the generator and would strongly recommend it to any one looking for an inexpensive but powerful generator.

SATISIFIED, November 14, 2011 By JOHN W


Nice generator, November 13, 2011 By Gwyneth G. Hannaford "3500+ book owner and gr... (Kittery, ME USA)

I was able to pick mine up from someone near by who underestimated their needs so we will be set for the next (too frequent) outage. Good manual but missing some needed info in the parts list: no part number for the oil drain plug or the plastic dip stick. These are two parts that can get lost or for the dip stick can break. In fact the manual exploded diagram has no parts listed for the engine, except the engine. We could not find this info on Champions web site either. Other than that excellent manual Champion.

Follow up. An email answer from Champion tech support provided the necessary part numbers and schematic for the engine. I would recommend everyone ask for these pages.

Well worth it. Pleasantly surprised!, November 8, 2011 By NJ Devs "Jersey Johnny" (VA USA)

Unit fired right up. Powered all items in my 31.5ft travel trailer with no problem. I did not power the AC and M-wave simultaneously as I would not expect to do that during normal usage. The electric water heater, fridge, and AC all ran with no issues. The unit does drop some RPM when AC turns on but quickly recovers. Originally thought it was loud but for 375.00 .... cmon....lets be real. Very surprised that its not really that loud at all. Cant hear it from inside the house and its no louder than the AC unit of an adjacent trailer. Put it this way, with my trailers AC unit running, I cant hear it and its right outside my trailer. Very happy! Glad I bought it.

So Far So Good, November 3, 2011 By MadJoe (Littleton, MA)

I received the generator on Tuesday, and unboxed it immediately, but didn't have a chance to get it put together and tested until Wednesday night. Initial impressions were good. It's an attractive unit, and appears to be built well. My only regret is that there's no 220VAC output, but for the price that's certainly not a complaint. One thing I noticed was that it had a very strong odor coming from it that I attributed to some sort of oil, or other petroleum based product that was likely used as either a solvent or to protect surfaces from corrosion during storage/shipment. Luckily it was only in my mud room overnight, and the kitchen didn't start to smell before I got it assembled and out to the garage.

The unit put together fairly easy, but the "quick start" guide was not as thorough as it could have been, so a little mechanical aptitude will help in getting it assembled with just the quick start. Otherwise, I would think the owners manual would have more detailed instructions, but haven't confirmed that. Once assembled, I checked the oil reservoir and found that it was empty (unlike some other reviewers) so I filled it with 1oz Mystery oil, and 19oz 10W30 dino oil. It overflowed a small amount, but I was smart enough to be outside when I filled it, so a quick wipe up of the generator and I was ready good to go. I took a minute to do a thorough look over of the unit, and inspect the wiring, etc.. It is well built for this price point. Everything was tight, and in excellent condition. I installed the spark arrestor, put a few ounces of fuel in it and gave the pull start a tug. It took a few pulls, but it finally came to life. It's a little louder than I would have preferred, but again, at this price point it really isn't a complaint. My only true complaint would be that the muffler is terminated in a way to allow for the spark arrestor to be installed, so I can't slip an extender pipe over it and vent it outside the garage for use. I'll just have to build a small shed for it, I guess.

Satisfied customer, November 1, 2011 By Bob K "Bob" (Ma.)

I live in New England and bought this generator in January of this year. We were having the worse winter I'd ever seen and figured it would only be a matter of time before it would come in handy. Never had to put it to the test until 3 days ago (10/29/11) when a freak snow storm knocked out power all over the east coast. 90% of my city was without electricity. I ran this generator for three days, sixteen consecutive hours each day. I never expected to need a generator for this length of time and was worried that it may not hold up. Fortunately it worked flawlessly. I was running a wood pellet stove, a few lights, coffee maker, toaster, and other small items. I didn't push it to its limit but for what I needed it for in an emergency situation it worked perfectly. The nicest thing about this item is its price as compared to other brands. That, along with all the other positive ratings, is what led me to give this one a shot. Fuel consumption was about two gallons after ten hours. I don't know if thats good or bad compared to other brands but I knew I could sleep through the night without it running out of fuel. One other positive note, when the generator arrived the air filter housing cover was broken in shipping. I called Champion and spoke with a customer service agent who immediately sent me out a new cover, no questions asked. Recieved the part in a couple of days. If you're looking for a good price and a dependable unit this may be the one for you.

Nice little generator, November 1, 2011 By zippy

Bought this generator after Irene left us without power for a few days. Starts easily second or third pull. Average noise about 70db (slightly quieter than lawn mower (72-75db). Powerful for size: I ran 2 full size refrigerators, 1st floor lights 4 x 60 watt, a coffee maker (about 30 min), electric for my steam boiler (heat), basement lights 3 x 60 watts, sony dvd player, samsung 32" lcd tv. Ran all of above for 10 hours on 3.5 gallons of gas. Pretty fuel efficient. My neighbor had a generac 6500 that used ~9 gallons doing the same tasks. I Hooked this unit up via reliance controls 31404b transfer switch and a 30 amp rv to bare wire cord.

Good Unit for the price, October 29, 2011 By Michael S. Naggar "Mike" (Temecula)

The unit was delivered on time and the box was undamaged. It was pretty easy to assemble the wheel kit. Put some oil and file in it but failed to start. There was a wire not connected in the front. None of the instructions indicated what the wire was for. I connected the two wires and she started up. Unit is a bit loud but I figure thats what your going to get if you want a 4000 watt unit. For the price I think this is a good unit. I hooked it up to my air compressor and it work fine. So now I have a generator in an emergency. I just hope it performs when I really need it. No way to tell until the time comes.

Stop looking you have found the perfect generator, October 22, 2011 By Ted Fulton "Ted" (Malibu)

I researched generators for days (actually weeks) and decided on this one. It was a good choice. I bought it for $399 from Amazon (before they lowered the price) At the current lower price it's a screaming good deal. It was delivered undamaged in a timely fashion, it started on the first pull and worked perfectly, absolutely zero issues. It was fairly quiet compared to others I have used. For the money and wattage rating you will not find a better generator. If you are not sure how many watts you need, google "Sears generator worksheet" (without the quotes). The worksheet will help you decide how big a generator you need. This generator however, beat everything Sears sold hands down. Lastly, do not buy the Coleman Cable 01912 25-Foot 10/3 Generator Power Cord with L5-30P Plug and 3-Outlets to go with this generator. The L5-30P plug does not fit this generator. (Yes, I bought the cord and had to spend 22 bucks to buy the correct plug to make it work) Lowes or Home depot have 30amp cords that will work with this generator.

This is the One!, October 18, 2011 By J

I never write reviews BUT I could not keep silent about this one! PLEASE dont waste your money on EVEN Honda! I have had and used every major brand and there is nothing beter than this unit PERIOD....

It will get you through at a fraction of the cost, October 9, 2011 By ryan j frantz
I got this for hurricane Irene, and it lasted us 8 days without power. I ran a fridge, tv, ps3, cable box, computer, router, lamps, and a window AC unit on less than 5 gallons of fuel a day. It doesn't have the juice to run an oven, water heater, well pump (at least I couldn't figure how to hook it up to the pump), or washer/drier, but it will get you through if you're prepared. I would recommend this to anyone who is worried about providing for their family in an emergency and is on a budget.

So far, So Good!, September 24, 2011 By kjones

Our Champion 4,000 watt generator arrived in the nick of time-the day before hurricane Irene. The generator started up was easy to assemble, started up right away, and powered our massive refrigerator, a computer or TV, a lamp, and a fan. Also, the fuel economy was better for us than estimated in the manual. We recommended it to friends and family.

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