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DuroStar DS4000S 4,000 Watt 7.0 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator Description

DuroStar DS4000S 4,000 Watt 7.0 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator Description

Great for camping, RVs, sporting events, home back-up power, job sites, and more, the DuroStar DS4000S gas-powered generator has a 7.0-horsepower air-cooled overhead valve engine with a recoil start that cranks out 3,300 constant running watts of power (and a peak of 4,000 watts; learn more about wattage needs below). This rugged workhorse is ideal for a wide variety of uses from getting you through a power outage to keeping you and your family supplied with all the necessary conveniences of home while being miles from nowhere.

Note for California residents: This model is not CARB-compliant. Units sold to California must be CARB-compliant.

The power panel features the main controls, including start switch, volt meter, and circuit breaker. It offers two 120-volt, 20-amp, 3-prong outlets (NEMA 5-20R) to supply power to all of your home appliances, plus one 120-volt, 30-amp outlet (NEMA L5-30) for high-powered tools.

The DS4000S has an 8-hour run time at 1/2 load, and it has a 4-gallon fuel tank that also includes an easily readable gauge. The heavy duty steel frame has four-point fully isolated motor mounts for smooth and quiet operation. Other features include a recoil start, super quiet muffler that reduces engine noise (69 dBA rating), and automatic low-oil shut off to protect the engine. An optional wheel kit is also available for the DS4000S, enabling easy portability. Backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Your Generator Needs

To determine whether a generator is appropriate for your needs, you need to first add up the wattage of tools, appliances, and motors you want to run at the same time. Then select a generator with the running wattage rating to match or exceed the total load.

Keep in mind that tools and appliances with electric motors require additional surge wattage at startup that can be double or triple the normal running wattage requirement. Look at the surge watts required and make sure you choose a generator with enough additional wattage to start them. (And remember that you're typically not starting more than half of the items at the same time.)

  •     4000 Watt Surge/3300 watt continuous
  •     4 Gallon gas tank/8 hour run time
  •     EZ-Pull recoil start
  •     EPA Approved
  •     Automatic low oil shut off

This review is from: DuroStar DS4000S 4,000 Watt 7.0 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator (Lawn & Patio)

Just in time!!, January 26, 2012 By dean stark (RENTON, WA, US)

I received the generator on a tuesday and we had a snow and ice storm wednesday and thursday. The power went out for two days. It worked perfectly. I could run a heater, refrigerator, TV and some lights. I was so very glad I could stay home with my puppy and tropical plants.

Great Little Generator, January 3, 2012 By Scott C.

I have a small wood shop that I occasionally need an extra shot of power. I live in the Midwest where it typically gets very cold in the winter. I recently ran my 15amp heater and air filter with the generator for about 3 hours one cold day. I received it, filled it up with gas and oil and pulled the recoil starter and it started on the first pull and ran until I shut it off. Another day I ran my shop vac system and table saw on the generator. After a 3 or 4 second surge, the voltage stabilized and ran unabated. This generator is real good up to 3,000 watts. I did trip it when I ran what I estimated to be 3,200 watts connected to it. This included a 15 amp shop lamp, 15 amp heater and 1.5 amp air cleaner. It performs as I need it too and if we ever do have a power outage I can run my fridge and freezer without issue. For the money, this is a great little generator and I would recommend this to any hobbyist who needs and extra boost of power or to the pro needing some work site help with small wattage equipment. BTW..there are lots of forums out there questioning if the generator needs grounded or not. I called the factory rep that sells these locally. He stated he has sold over 500 of these. He has never heard of anyone pounding the 8' rod into the ground. Common sense is the key with anything electric. Don't get it wet, don't use it past what it is suppose to be used for and keep it in good operating condition. I grew up on a farm, we had 6K - 9K generators on the back of our tractors and pick-ups. Never grounded one of them and all of us are alive and kicking.:)..

DuroStar DS4000, December 7, 2011 By jerry andolena (naugatuck, CT, US)

Excellent buy. Started right up. Purchased the GenTran 30116V 6-Circuit, 30 amp, transfer switch and had it installed. Tested everything under load. Generator handled everything no problem. (furnace(oil,hot air) fridge and lights). Note; Generator has a L5-30 plug rated at 3750 watts, same with the transfer switch. I make sure I don't exceed 3300 watts. Not too many transfer switches out there with that type plug.(L5-30). The transfer switch was the cheapest at [...]

Looks good and it works., September 27, 2011 By CosmoStarMan

Got a super fast delivery on this product. Unpacked it and had to wait a day to check it out. Removing the shipping braces in the bottom of the unit can be tricky because the nuts and bolts are really tight (thats good) but the metal used to make these particular four nuts and bolts is just a little on the soft side and care must be used that a good wrench doesn't strip the shape of the corners on the nuts when removing. Be sure to read the manual prior to starting. I put the unit on the deck and funneled in some oil (It says it holds a quart but be sure you don't overfill with that quart). I then set up a ground wire and installed a quart of gas. I just wanted to do a test run and didn't want to leave gas in the tank when I stowed away the unit. I found my good heavy load extension cord and a double burner hot plate that had been stored in the garage for too many years. Next I set the gas valve to open and put the choke lever to choke, flipped the red rocker switch for engine start / stop operation then moved the breaker flip switch to the on position and pulled the starter cord. One pull with the choke on and it started right up. I flipped the choke to the off position and it was crusing. I hooked up the two burner hot plate and varied out the burner operation as I ran one burner on its limit of med, then the other burner on high and watched both burners get red hot. It would vary the speed of the generator as I tinkered with the hot plate switches. That particular hot plate information show it draws 1750 watts. I had it on most of the time and the quart of gas lasted about 20 minutes under that load. It looks good and it works fine. I didn't order the wheel kit and was able to lift and slide the unit as needed but sat it on another wheeled unit (that I already had)and it works pretty good for now, but I may order the wheels kit and cover later. This unit measures appx. a compact 17.5H x 17.5W x 23.5L and is a neat fit in a cozy corner. (I am currently storing mine in the dining room) The price was $370 with free shipping and it turned out to be a pretty good deal so far.

Great little generator, September 18, 2011 By Micael Westerholm "Dukie" (CT, USA)

Shipment arrived a little late but then again everything including FedEx was messed up because of Hurricane Irene. I unboxed this generator. It is easy to lift and move. I didn't purchase the wheel kit and don't plan to. I did not start it as I don't want to put gas in it and leave it for a long period of time. Be sure to get a quart of 10w30 motor oil. It is not supplied. I am hoping that I don't need it, but I am sure it will be great when I do.

Great deal!!, September 12, 2011 By Bill

I paid $269.00 for this generator on amazon and that is an awesome deal even for a no name generator. I would not pay $389.00 for it when you could buy a champion 4000 for $300 this generator is no better than any other cheap brand. However it does the job well and I have a feeling that the price will go back down soon so if you can hold out you might get a better deal.

Love it, September 1, 2011 By Dirt Dog "Slap D" (Mpls, MN)

Ordered. Was skeptical of the price compared to others.

Filled with clean gas, synthetic oil, it and fired up after 6-8 pulls. Takes a few pulls to start, but runs excellent once going. Hooked up a 15 amp power saw to the regular outlet and it ran flawlessly.

A very good buy for the price.

Very nice little power house, September 1, 2011 By General Lee "Billfurd" (California)

I purchased this to prepare for whatever may come. I believe the time to prepare is now not later when it's to late. I received it 2 days after ordering it, and found that it was mailed from the company which is not far from me in Northern CA. They had it delivered Fed Ex which is great because they don't sit on freight like UPS does. This is a very nice generator and not as large as I pictured it being. The oil fill is in a place where you will need to purchase a bendable funnel to fill it, but it really isn't anything to downgrade the product over. I can lift it and carry it by the bars on top but it weighs around 90+ pounds and not everybody will be able to move it, but I can do it fine, but I will get the wheel kit because my father always told me to work smart if possible and work hard otherwise. It has a gas gauge on top and a voltmeter on the side and has a pull start and a switch start which I didn't know by the discription or maybe I missed a couple of things. I am very happy with this purchase and I bought it a day before it jumped a hundred dollars in price. Win Win!! It started right up and for the amount of power it gives off was not as loud as I expected. The only thing that would have made it an excellent purchase is if it was made in the U.S,A because it's made in China I can plan on it not lasting as long because of their cheaper metal and lower quality standards.

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