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ETQ DG6LE 6,000 Watt 10 HP 418cc Diesel Powered Portable Generator With Electric Start

ETQ DG6LE 6,000 Watt 10 HP 418cc Diesel Powered Portable Generator With Electric Start Description

ETQ Diesel Generator. Delivers over 5,500 watts of RAW POWER! Plenty of juice to keep construction sites, garages, and deer camps "online" for up to 12 hours! No job's too big, and no job site's off limits to this tough customer... featuring a rugged 1" steel frame with wheels to tackle tricky terrain and weather a healthy share of abuse. Power: E-Z electric start or optional recoil start; Advanced direct fuel injection system for reliable performance; 418 cc 4-stroke OHV air-cooled engine; 6,000 peak watts, 5,500 continuous watts; 4-gallon fuel tank for 12 hours operation at 50% load; Jobsite-ready heavy duty cast iron engine design, with a 1" steel frame for impact protection; Automatic voltage stabilizer; Low oil shut-off protection; Runs at 85 dB @ 23' away; Rated current is 60.42 amp @ 120V. Max current is 68.75 amp @ 120V; Measures 34 x 25 x 28". Weighs 224 lbs.; Order yours today! Please Note: This item will be shipped by commercial carrier curbside. Ships in 1 box: 34" x 28" x 25", 273 lbs. WARNING: Gas-powered Engines / Generators cannot be shipped to California or Canada. Please check your State, County and City laws for restrictions before ordering Gas-powered Engines / Generators. ETQ 5,500-watt Diesel Generator

  •     5000 watt rated/6000 watt max output
  •     This unit will run almost anything in the home or job site when power is needed.
  •     Operates at 82 DB
  •     Will run for 11.8 hours with 1/2 load
  •     Non-CARB COmpliant/Not For Sale in California


The DG6LE has a 8.05 HP 406 cc diesel engine. The engine has a heavy duty cast iron sleeve design for better performance and longer life. The power train produces 6000 Watt surge and 5000 Watt running power for all your needs. Standard features on this unit are a heavy duty wheel kit and handle for easy movement. It also has an hour running meter. With a 3.96 gallon fuel tank, this allows the generator to run almost 11.8 hrs under 1/2 power load. The power outlets included are (1) 120V 20 Amp GFCI duplex outlet, (1) 120/240V 30 Amp L14-30R twist-lock outlet, and (1) 120V 30 Amp L5-30R twist-lock. The instrument panel is recessed for protection. This unit will run almost anything in the home or job site when power is needed. The DG6LE is popular with contractors or anyone looking for a big powerful generator. One year manufacturer's warranty with a national service network.

This review is from: ETQ DG6LE 6,000 Watt 10 HP 418cc Diesel Powered Portable Generator With Electric Start

 Inexpensive Option for Diesel Generator, December 19, 2011 By Dr. Phillip L. Knapp (Colorado)

I keep this gen around for backup in case of power outage .. we typically get 1 - 2 outages a year due to heavy snowfall ... of coarse since I've had this we've had none! I'm gonna get a snowblower to make sure it snows no more next year??!!

But seriously, I've run this for some power tools (only a small 4" grinder) at the end of the drive way, and it works great. When I first got it the Oil Filter was a bit bunged up from the factory .. looked like it was installed a bit crooked .. I emailed ETQ and they sent me out 2 new ones no charge very quickly. Make sure when you store it you pull the pull start cord until you feel sig resistance .. this will make sure both valves are closed and will keep moisture from accumulating in the Cyl.

Overall Very happy with it. I would have given it full stars ... but I just don't have enough "real time" hours on it to say for sure.

Tractor on.

very good generator, June 27, 2011 By Steve Jones (Belton, TX, US)

nothing but good things to say about this generator. Everything works. It starts easily. The wheels are large enough that it's very portable. All is good.

5,000 watts continuous--needs battery, June 3, 2010 By Ron PA

I just started it for the first time today and I think I'm about an average adult male and I managed to get it going with the recoil start--slow pull to compression stroke, depress decompression lever, two hands, foot on tire, get around that frame tube, pull hard. A few pulls to get a chug or two then increasingly more chugging time per pull until it was revving and dying continuously and belching smoke for a minute and then finally running steady with clear exhaust; probably clearing air from the fuel system caused all the roughness and smoke.

I didn't wear earplugs at first and noticed things were a little too quiet when I left the generator so I put some in.

It was 80*F today so I think it'll need a battery for cold weather; I see a "preheat" setting on the key-switch.--NO BATTERY INCLUDED--is conveniently omitted from the info. The manual recommends a battery of 36-38 amp/hours though I just got the most powerful battery that fit the tray. A supervisor at Lowe's wouldn't wave the $7 trade-in charge saying their generators came with batteries (nyaa,nyaa,nyaa for not buying ours), the jerk. Starting with the battery was quick and easy.

A sticker on the generator says 5,000 watts continuous so I'll consider that the real rating instead of the 5,500 sometimes claimed. If I remove the water heater fuses it should handle everything in the house though I'll need to restrict the stove/oven to single burner/heating element use.

I'm using regular home heating oil (from downstream of the filter) which in my area is presently formulated the same as offroad diesel fuel but I'll keep an eye out in case the EPA decides to reformulate that the way they did highway diesel.

Didn't need a key for recoil start but did for battery start and I couldn't find one in the nuts & bolts bag but found that my truck cap key worked and could be removed with the generator running.

Diesel engines are supposed to make very little carbon monoxide so I got 7' of 1.5" dia. steel flex-tube to plumb the exhaust into my flue and run it in my basement so scumbags can't snatch it from the yard the way they've done to others during catastrophes and also to make use of the heat in cold weather. Soundproofing will be desirable, and probably a CO detector.

The manual is somewhat confusing which is why I gave the generator 4 stars instead of 5, but it's not as bad as many chinese products and I know a little about engines so I think I'll manage the maintenance ok.

Where are the hurricanes, December 12, 2009 By Christopher J. Wallace "AmazonFan" (US and Europe)

Now I have a genset we have no Hurricanes!!!! I've powered up the gen a number of times, it's noisey but not crazy, it takes load very well and barely uses fuel.

Very good buy.

NOTE It comes with a cover.

Great Generator, May 19, 2009 By G. Wright

Bought this generator without shopping around due to an emergency, but am very happy with my purchase. I didn't want a diesel generator, because I don't have anything else that runs on diesel, but this generator has changed my mind. The extended run time of a diesel generator over gasoline is reason enough to go with diesel. This thing runs for 12 hours on a 3 gallon tank of diesel! It is quite loud, but no more so than any other generator. I tried to run it in my detached garage, but the fumes quickly starved the generator for air and it died. This thing is a tank at 350 pounds, it is quite heavy. It runs both my sump pumps, fridge, lights, furnace, and television without a problem. My only complaint, and this is a small one, was that apparently they test them at the factory and then shipped them with diesel in the fuel line, which during shipping clogged the injectors, and initially it would not start. The dealer did replace the injector for free at purchase, and it runs great since then. I guess I would recommend monthly startups for maintenance to keep the injector clean, and it wouldn't hurt to add some diesel fuel additive.