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Generac 5735 GP17500E 26,250 Watt 992cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator With Electric Start

Generac 5735 GP17500E 26,250 Watt 992cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator With Electric Start Description

Featuring a compact, wheeled frame for easy transport, the Generac 17,500-Watt Portable Gas-Powered Generator with Electric Start provides a reliable power supply wherever you need it. A Generac OHVI (overhead valve industrial) engine delivers performance and power, while a sturdy steel-tube cradle protects the generator's exterior. For safe and comfortable use, the circuit-breaker outlets prevent power overloads, and the low-tone muffler makes for ultra quiet operation.

A Durable Power Supply Wherever You Need It
The Generac 17,500-Watt Generator with Electric Start is an ideal portable generator to have at home, on the job site, or wherever you need power. Its compact frame--48.5 x 31 x 39.5 inches (LxWxH)--is fitted with lifting eye handles and pneumatic, all-terrain wheels for easy portability. And with its hardened steel-tube cradle, this rugged generator holds up well for frequent travel, allowing you to look forward to years of operation. Plus, this model features an electric ignition for fast, easy start-up.

Thanks to its versatile design, this generator adds comfort and possibility to any situation. Use it to keep your family safe through unexpected blackouts or make construction jobs faster and easier.

A Low-Maintenance, High-Performance OHVI Engine
Designed specifically for generators, the Generac 17,500-Watt Generator with Electric Start's heavy-duty 992-cc OHVI (overhead valve industrial) engine boasts a host of features. An exclusive X-Torq governor maximizes the engine's performance to keep it running without stalls. And so engine components continue moving smoothly, a pressurized lubrication system sends oil directly to critical areas.

Thanks to this full-pressure lubrication system, the engine can employ an automotive-grade, spin-on oil filter that sifts out dirt and other unwanted substances. The oil filter works alongside a dual-element air filter. Together, the two keep engine performance at a maximum and maintenance at a minimum.

Plus, this generator's sturdy, 16-gallon resin tank ensures a full 10 hours of operation at a 50-percent load, letting you relax for hours of use. The automatic-idle control reduces fuel usage and noise, while the tank's built-in fuel gauge lets you monitor fuel levels at a glance. Generac even provides you with your first supply of oil.

Plenty of Wattage to Run a Full Range of Appliances
The most heavy-duty of Generac's GP model generators, the Generac 17,500-Watt Generator with Electric Start supplies 17,500 output watts and 26,250 maximum watts (for start-up of devices). It has an A/C voltage of 120/240 and a frequency of 60 hertz.

For unexpected blackouts, this is enough wattage to run home appliances such as security systems, computers, and electric stoves, as well as air conditioning systems and sump pumps. (A manual transfer switch is required to connect to air conditioning systems.) For construction and landscaping applications, it's enough to support large devices such as lawn mowers, belt sanders, and table saws. And for camping and outdoor events, it can run portable stereos, outdoor lights, and electric grills.

(Note: All appliances should be checked for actual wattage ratings.)

Safe, Quiet Operation with Overload-Protected Outlets
If security and quiet operation are important to you in a generator, then the Generac 17,500-Watt Generator with Electric Start is an ideal choice. Its outlets (two 120-volt, two 120-volt GFCI, one 120-volt 30 Amp twist lock, one 120/240-volt 50 Amp, and one 12 VDC battery charger) are circuit-breaker protected, guarding against power overloads and allowing the generator to smoothly send power to your appliances. And the low-tone muffler means the generator runs at a comfortable noise level that easily blends into the background.

This generator is backed by a two-year limited warranty.

This review is from: Generac 5735 GP17500E 26,250 Watt 992cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator With Electric Start

Good gas gen, January 17, 2012 By The Spray Store (Washington)
Good unit. Have 5 in service no problems yet. Going to buy another one. Very loud though. Better head than the 17.5 gas unit from Northern Tool.

Generac 5735 Good not great, January 2, 2012 By Brian R
This review is from: Generac 5735 GP17500E 26,250 Watt 992cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator With Electric Star
Generator requires a straight NEMA 14-50R plug to use the retaining clip Generac provides (outlet is on the bottom on 17500 watt model, gravity pulls out my 90 degree plug and 6-4 wire), common plugs are 90 degrees. No 17500 watt or 70 amp connection available, 50 amp and 30 amp outlets only-they cannot be connected for full output. Per Generac technical support, converting to natural gas or propane voids the warranty. Exhaust shroud and spark arrestor both resonate at full power, quite noisy. Will build an enclosure to dampen noise and since it cannot get wet during use.

Generator runs well and has been adequate for 240V 30A welding.

excellent, December 3, 2011 By Skip Elander (Newtown, CT USA)
This was everything I hoped it would be. More than enough power for the whole house. I would recommend this product.

Ridge runner, October 2, 2011 By Ridge runner
This review is from: Generac 5735 GP17500E 26,250 Watt 992cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator With Electric Start
Once I assembled the generator (took about an hour), it looks impressive. Even thought it weights almost 400lbs, it is well balanced and is easy to move around with the large handle and wheels. After servicing the motor with the provided oil and fresh gasoline, the generator was no problem to start. After running for a few minutes, the motor developed a surging problem which I think can be adjusted out with some technical advice.

Generac 17,500 watt portable generator, August 29, 2010 By  Tractor Boy
The generator was easy to assemble, started right up after filling oil reservoir and fueling. I haven't had a power outage yet since getting this generator (go figure). The only drawback I've seen (so far) is the information provided on the available plug receptacles is rather weak. The 50 amp plug is located underneath the panel face where all the other plug receptacles are located. It has a wire "latch hook" to keep the plug from falling out, but no info on how to properly use it. I had difficuly locating the correct male plug with a "straight" out feature since most are 90 degrees. It would have been nice to have the male plug-end supplied with the generator. I finally found one at Grainger (cost over one hundred bucks, but it's top notch). Although the muffler assembly is impressive looking, it's not quite as quiet as I expected.

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