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Porter-Cable 5,500-Watt Portable Generator BSV550-W

Porter-Cable 5,500-Watt Portable Generator BSV550-W Customer Reviews

Porter Cable 5500 watt generator, September 30, 2008 By Robert Pesnell "Blewzmann" (Texas)

This generator proved to be a life saver this year when IKE came barreling down and slammed into the Texas coast. We were without power for a little over 11 days and I ran the generator 24/7 except for twice when I changed the oil in it. To say it was quiet would be a lie however for the comfort that it provided it was well worth the noise factor. I had plugged in all at one time were the following. One 110 ac/window unit, a chest freezer, the refrigerator, the televison x2 the satellite box. Four fans, and three or four lights I ran it hard and long a couple of times you could tell I was right on the edge of the wattage however she pulled though with flying colors. So basically it ran loaded up over 240 hours and I would trust it to do it again. Best money spent in a long time. Great to see a good product again that did not make me go broke buying it.

Porter-Cable generator, January 27, 2008 By Richard Hackbarth "rhackbar" (sw mi)

I purchased this generator to be able to withstand outages at home, take in my truck (RVing), and use with my electric chain saw for making wood. It came in handy for storm caused outage already last summer.

Of course it is noisy and heavy, but the output is worth it. No trouble keeping the sump pump, freezers, and refrigerators working for a day and a half.

The sale price with free shipping was the deciding factor in purchasing the machine as I had looked for several months before purchasing.

One tire went flat in the fall - stem was bad and had to purchase a new innertube from the local farm store. Easy to replace.

I see so many brands on the market now - some with less expensive amounts for the same power - but am satisfied I got what I paid for.

The red color is nice too.

I purchsed the cover for the generator about three weeks later after seeing how much dust it would collect in the shed or garage.

Great power, excellent engine, low noise, January 22, 2008 By Brian Kaminski "Ropes842"

Recently used generator for jobsite and very pleased with it's performance. Straight out of the box, this unit has proven itself. Ability to run pancake compressor, radio/chargers, table saw, and many other tools w/o any problems. Nice Unit that is not too heavy, while at the same time pretty transportable.

Nice Generator, February 2, 2007 By Sooner Dad (Edmond, OK)

We bought this generator 3 weeks ago in the middle of a bad ice storm because of forcast of major extended power outages in our area. Upon arrival we unpacked it and did a test-run. It started instantly on the first pull and ran great, but would not produce any voltage at all. We loaded it up and took it into town to the Porter-Cable service center (30 mile drive) and left it with them for repair. A few days later it was repaired and ready to go. The technician said it had become "demagnetized" from being in storage a long time. We took it home and tested it again. We connected the heating system, several lights, the water well, the fridge, a TV, and a portable electric heater for a total of about 4,000 watts and ran it for 4 hours with no problems. I think it will probably be a good unit and should perform for years to come. It runs relatively quiet too, and starts very fast and easy!

Dependable & Priced Right, December 6, 2006 By W. Gonzales (North East PA)

This review is from: Porter-Cable 5,500-Watt Portable Generator BSV550-W (Lawn & Patio)
I bought the Porter-Cable 5,550-Watt Portable Generator last year and I am pleased with this purchase. I had an electrician create a system so I could plug the generator directly into my circuit panel when the power went out. I have used it 3 times and my wife once. She does not like to do these types of things but I was away. The generator started all 4 times with 1 or 2 pulls. It easily powers the well pump, oil burner, refrigerator, computer, TV and a number of lights.

Awesome generator, February 26, 2005 By E-man (Palm Harbor, FL)

Starts first or second pull, pulls easy, runs everything!!! I paid less for this than some sites sell the 12 horse Vanguard engine for (and got free shipping!)

Powerful generator, October 5, 2004 By Hurricane survivor (central Florida)

I was recently a victim of hurricane Jeanne in Florida. The generator ran everything in my house including a window unit air conditioner. It would run for about 8 hours before it needed refueling and it was not that loud. I used the generator for 4 days solid and it never missed a beat. I would recomend this generator to anyone.

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