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Solar Power Generator: Perigee Basic Kit 101-1A

Solar Power Generator: Perigee Basic Kit "101-1A" Description

Our original portable "101" 12V DC \ 115V AC generator. This configuration powers medium draw devices such as laptops, lamps, fans, battery chargers, etc. 3-8 hour duration (load dependant) without light and indefinitely when collecting light from the sun. This device easily powers a household type battery charger for a transistor radio, flashlight, and numerous other AC \ USB devices. The DC out port also allows you to plug in any device that runs with a cigarette lighter type of plug. We also support charging the case via household AC making it very easy to do routine battery maintenance. Ships with everything needed to run out of the box, is scalable (up to 50W), lightweight, durable and includes a 14-day purchase refund and a 90 day limited warranty. We design kits for use in the home, field, and road. Always check with the manufacturer of any electronic device you intend to use with a modified sine wave inverter. Electronics that are considered "sensitive" may not operate correctly with a modified sine wave and may become damaged. As an option we can modify any of our kits to utilize a pure sine wave inverter at your request.

  •     Durable portable solar powered 12V DC -115V AC generator kit.
  •     Ships with ONE 5 Watt 12 Volt Crystalline Silicon PV solar panel.
  •     Dual AC outlet 200W continuous modified sine wave inverter. Over\Under Voltage & Thermal protection with Low voltage alarm.
  •     3 Amp regulator with reverse panel current protection with easy to read LED status bar to indicate 12v & AC power, battery condition, & charging state.
  •     Sealed long life rechargable 12V 14 Amp \ 168 Watt Hour batteries.

This review is from: Solar Power Generator: Perigee Basic Kit 101-1A

Basic Kit, November 28, 2011 By Cedar Creek Defense

I have been using the Perigee Power Solutions Basic kit for over a year now. I am extremely satisfied with its performance, ruggedness, workmanship and design. I am a professional communications engineer and I use it in the field to power radio systems, laptops, gadgets, phones etc etc the list goes on. I demand a lot out of this unit and it just keeps giving me what I need to get the job done. The flexi-solar panel gives me the recharge that I need for those long 12 hour days. I will be upgrading to larger units from Perigee. Whether you need their units for simple power solutions for the home or you need that proffesional grade solution, this unit (and their others) fits the bill.
Fantastic Product and Fantastic Support.

Cedar Creek Defense

Wonderful Portable Generator, July 25, 2011 By Anonymous X

I received this Kit 2 days earlier than expected and I must say that I am extremely satisfied.

It has two outlets for AC devices and comes in a sturdy carrying case. Perigee Power Solutions seems like a very reliable company. They bench test and inspect all of their devices before shipping them. The product also comes with instructions, care procedures, and a list of many devices that can be run off of it. The solar power that is provided in this is kit is lightweight, weatherproof, and very effective. I highly recommend this or any of Perigee's products.

Works just like it says it does!!!, December 1, 2010 By P. Colonna

This little device arrived in excellent condition and easy to follow instructions. You just plug something that runs on electricity into it and turn it on. It's that simple and ready for use out of the box. I can run my laptop just under four hours at night or all day with the solar panel sitting in the sun. We could take this anywhere, like camping or to the park. It's lightweight yet sturdy and well constructed. I like to keep it around the house for emergencies. It doesn't power big devices like a refrigerator but a small TV, ceramic heater, a lamp, coffee maker, anything that size works great. It also powers 12 volt items like some shop lamps and the included USB adapter via a standard cigarette lighter plug. Devices powered by 12V use less battery and do not require the in the inverter to run, increasing the run time significantly. There are many choices on the market and this was the best value. If you want a renewable portable power system this is the one to get.

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