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All Power America APG3201 6,500 Watt 10 HP Diesel Powered Generator With Electric Start & Wheel Kit

All Power America APG3201 6,500 Watt 10 HP Diesel Powered Generator With Electric Start & Wheel Kit Description
All Power 6500 Watt Diesel Generator APG3201N

Get the power you need anytime, anywhere

This All Power 6500 Watt Diesel Generator is a powerful diesel generator with durability and undeniable muscle. Take this generator camping, tailgating or use for backup power in your house or mobile home. Its peak power of 6500 watts makes the APG3201N powerful, with a 4-stroke Air Cooled diesel engine with electric push start and recoil start.

Portable and powerful without disturbing anyone

The APG3201N will last for 11 hours at 1/2 load and only requires 3.3 gallons of unleaded gasoline. This makes it easy to use and transport. Just fill the easily-accessible gas tank and turn it on and it's ready to go.


  •     Electric Push Start and Recoil Start
  •     10 Horse Power 418CC
  •     Produces 50 amps at 120V, 25 amps at 250V, 60Hz
  •     Peak power: 6500W
  •     Rated Power: 5000W
  •     Low Operating Noise: 76dB
  •     2-AC Duplex 120V Outlets
  •     EPA Approved
  •     Includes Mobility Kit with 8-inch

You won't get arrested for stealing this diesel generator! Ok, you need a big rig to keep the lights and appliances burning. You've looked around and been shocked by some prices exceeding $5,000! You know that a diesel generator means longer life and greater fuel economy. You just didn't know what unit to buy...until now! We're a new company and we really wanted to make a statement so we went to the All Power America factory and asked for a special deal! Boy, were we surprised! They offered us the APG-3201 6500 watt peak, 5000 watt diesel generator at a price so low we almost couldn't believe it. Don't peak yet! Wait until you read hat you get for your money! Here we have an open air diesel engine mounted in a square steel frame. (Square steel is important because it's about 40% stronger than tubular steel and will therefore withstand all the engine vibrations while still maintaining the unit's integrity). Next, when you get to a larger generator, you must have electric start unless you are really strong. Some companies offer the starter, but you have to then go out and buy a battery. This unit has both the starter and the battery included. The APG-3101 will operate for about 11 hours on just four gallons of diesel fuel, has two 120V and one 240V outlet, includes a mobility kit with pneumatic tires and a fold down tine and easy to read gauges, outlets and controls. Now you can look at the price! Such a deal!

This review is from: All Power America APG3201 6,500 Watt 10 HP Diesel Powered Generator With Electric Start & Wheel Kit

All Power 6500W Generator seems excellent value!, August 15, 2007 By Carl F. Leweke (Houston, TX)

I wasn't sure what I would get with a price that seemed too low to believe, but figured I would take a chance. I needed to find an alternative to my small gasoline powered generator which is now over ten years old with minimal usage. Gas is such a pain, as I stock up for hurricanes and end up dumping it back through my cars to get rid of it before it goes bad; diesel is very stable with some additives, much safer to store a dozen-or-so gallons long term, and provides more energy per gallon.

I had never heard of All Power before, but it seems they make a variety of products--hopefully an "up and coming" that will be around for a long time if they can establish a rep as a company with quality and service which it appears they are trying to do. So far, I am extremely happy with what I have gotten for my money. Shipping was a breeze and they placed it right where my wife told them inside my garage until I got home. No instructions for basic construction of adding wheels etc but not really needed either for anyone with basic mechanical ability. The manual seems extremely well written for a Chinese product--I was initially impressed by that.

After the first startup (for which I needed to use the electric start), it starts manually on the first pull every time! Fit and finish quality appear excellent and no shortcuts on construction. Nice features include a fuel tank gauge, run-hours meter, 120v/240v selector, and electric start; 3 and 4 prong twist power plugs were included too. The 6-wheels (2 pneumatic + 4 small rollers) make it pretty easy to move around, though there is definitely some weight associated with a generator set this large. The engine is made by Changfa, generally recognized as an excellent Chinese company with a real understanding of quality control. As an emergency generator, it will take a long time to put real serious hours on it--it only remains to be seen how long it would stand up to continuous operation if needed; hopeful that proper maintainance will yield long service.

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