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Briggs & Stratton 30473 2,000 Watt 105cc Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

Briggs & Stratton 30473 2,000 Watt 105cc Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator Description

Briggs & Stratton manufactures small engines and outdoor power equipment. For 100 years, we've been building the engines that power the equipment people use to get the job done. That's the reason consumers look for the Briggs & Stratton brand when they shop for power equipment. Hurricanes. Ice storms. Wind storms. You've seen the after-effects, entire communities without power. A generator will ensure your family has the power needed when faced with unexpected outages. Two types of generators are available: portable generators and permanently installed home generator systems. Briggs & Stratton Elite Series products have heavy-duty components and features with a longer warranty to back them up. They perform tirelessly around the home, farm or on the job.

  •     2,000 Watts Surge/1,600 Watts Continuous
  •     Computer controlled inverter technology automatically adjusts engine speed to run quieter and reduce fuel consumption.
  •     Two 120 volt 20 amp AC outlets, one 12 volt DC outlet
  •     Lo-Tone muffler reduces noise and minimizes vibrations for unobtrusive operation at close quarters.
  •     Non-CARB compliant/Not for sale in California

This review is from: Briggs & Stratton 30473 2,000 Watt 105cc Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

Very pleased, but hard to start the first time, February 2, 2012 By Michael Scott Cochrane
The first time start-up was a disappointment. Followed the directions to the letter, then called the 1-800 number. After a review of the starting procedure over the phone, I was advised to take it to a dealer. After transporting it to a dealer, they started it on the very first pull. Somehow I just had a feeling this was going to happen! They didn't do anything different than I had the previous several (20) attempts. I know, because I was there with them.
All I can say is be patient with the first start. Give it a rest in case of flooding the carb., try full and 1/2 choke positions, move the on and off lever and the gas vent on and off, etc.
Once started, it's humming along nicely and I look forward to having it available in the event of home power outages.
I will update again when I have more experience with it, but wanted to share my start-up experience.

Quiet, reliable generator, January 30, 2012 By sgtweil

Generator is very reliable,quiet and very mobile. I use it for camping and at the house in case the power were to ever go out. Only issue I have experienced is in cold weather it takes a little longer to start but that is the case with most engines. I run it for about five minutes a week when I'm not using it on a regular basis.

Tested During New England Power Outage 2011, November 5, 2011 By CRISTINA CANDY (Windsor Locks, CT United States)

I purchased this generator August 31st 2011 and then we had "The Great New England Power Outage" less than 2 months later. Talk about timing. Having not even unpacked it yet, we set it up, added oil and fuel, and proceeded to run it non-stop for 7 days and nights. It worked flawlessly, started every time on no more than 2-4 pulls of the starting cable, and ran as much as 7 hours on a 1-gal tank when lightly loaded. 4-5 hr with heavier loads. It ran our refrigerator just fine. For other loads, we'd unplug the fridge and it would run a hot plate and toaster oven without a problem. Only saw the "overload" light once when we tried (and backed off) trying to run a microwave. Quiet, easy to use, and dependable when we needed it: I give it 5 stars.

Who needs a honda?
, November 2, 2011 By Winterboy04

I bought this for the most recent October Nor Easter in Massachusetts. It came overnight, with all necessary pieces including oil. It started exactly as the directions said it should. it does have a switch that allows you to switch to a "power save" mode which basically idles the engine down to a barely audible running noise when the unit is not pumping out full wattage. i can't compare it directly to the Honda or Yamaha portables, but it was quiet enough that i had no issues sleeping through it, and it powered my lights, an electric heater, and some other odds and ends. It looks bulky, but its not, its has great handles, is a lot lighter than you would think, and looks easily serviceable. i could be wrong, but i believe Briggs and Stratton is US made as well. i love it! and now i am prepared for the next outage!

Generator Review
, October 26, 2011 By vettedeal17

Just took delivery - two days after ordering. Perfect experience with Amazon. Took generator out - very clear directions. Put in oil and gas - one very easy pull and it started instantly. I have never had such an easy start up experience with a gas powered device of any kind. Unit is quiet, relatively light - can be carried with one hand. Comes with a connector to jump start car batteries which is great feature. I researched the comments on just about every other portable unit in the Amazon list - this had great reviews and I cannot recommend it or the Amazon service any more highly. I googled service and repair centers before ordering - many around my house. Don't have to worry about parts and service - sending back to some central repair center.

100% Satisfied
, October 24, 2011 By Robert W. Maison "ablelocks" (Hillsborough, NJ USA)
This is a very nice generator. I like the design, color sceme, ease of operation, handling and portability. It is also very quite as far as generators go. I bought this mainly for camping with our pop up camper. It is also nice to have on hand for emergency power outages. You never know when a disaster is going to hit. I did a lot of research on the net for small portable genertors. I wanted an American brand. I did not expect to find generators at It came in less than a week by UPS. Oh Yes, and it was packaged well arriving in good shape. Happy Camper.

UPDATE 11/8/11: Used it last week at Pumkin Chunkin in Delaware for my Aliner popup camper. It worked flawlessly. Easy to start and did a fine job of supplying power for my microwave, coffee maker and TV/DVD combo as well as charging the camper 12 volt marine battery. The ECO mode is great. It provides only the amount of power that is being used by the appliance. This cuts down the noise and improves the gas usage. I ran it for about 6 hours at a time so I don't know how long before it would have run out of gas. I filled it after each use so I would not run out in the middle of watching a DVD at night. Buy it, you be glad you did. far
, October 4, 2011 By RobinPa
Just got it a few weeks back, only ran it twice, pretty quite. Ran my 42" LCD TV, Sattelite dish, a light and Fridge.

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