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Champion Power Equipment 46533 4,000 Watt 196cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator (CARB Compliant)

Champion Power Equipment 46533 4,000 Watt 196cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator (CARB Compliant) Description

The Champion 4000 watt Portable Generator provides dependable, portable power for your home, campsite or jobsite. 3500 watts Rated, 4000 watts Maximum output. Champion generator can run lights, TV, refrigerator and sump pump all at the same time. Great for running 2-3 power tools. Powered by Champion 196cc OHV engine with cast iron sleeve will run 12 hours on a full tank of gas at 50% load. EPA/CARB approved for sale in 50 States. Features full durable frame, 1 - 120V outlet (5-20R), 1 -120V Twistlock Receptacle (L5-30R), 1 - RV Receptacle (TT-30R), Overload Protection, Low Oil Sensor and Voltmeter. Dimensions: 24.2-inch (L) x 18.3-inch (W) x 18.9-inch (H). Weighs 110-pounds 2 Year Limited Warranty. Champion has the best Product Quality and Customer Service in the business. All Champion products are cover by our Lifetime Free Technical Support and 2 Year Limited Warranty.

  •     3500 watts Rated, 4000 watts Maximum Output. Outlets: 1- 120V Outlet (5-20R), 1 - 120V Twistlock (L5-30R), 1 - RV Receptacle (TT-30R)
  •     Powered by Champion 196cc OHV Engine with Cast Iron Sleeve. (CARB - California approved)
  •     Runs for 12 hours on full tank of gas at 50% load.
  •     Weighs 110-pounds Dimension: 24.2-inch (L) x 18.3-inch (W) x 18.9-inch (H)
  •     CARB Compliant

This review is from: Champion Power Equipment 46533 4,000 Watt 196cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator (CARB Compliant)

5 Star Product thusfar..., January 7, 2012 By Christin M. De Meo "RN" (Glen Rock, NJ USA)

Perfect thusfar...test run only out-of-box after grounding (copper rod, wire and clamp) and fueling (oil/gas)with Sta-bil (essential in order to have ready to use during power failures to protect gas from degrading.
Running sound pretty good for this size generator outdoors about 25ft. away from house.
Haven't used for power outage yet, just break-in running time 30mins. for 3 days. Extremely easy start-up 1-2 pulls without stalling. (without load thusfar) Recommend starting and running for 20mins every 2 weeks when not in use, though manual states every 30days.
Very affordable price for this type of power.
IMPORTANT to set-up immediately upon receiving item...Smaller ETQ TG1200 leaked out of box just out of warranty still hoping to and updates on ETQ product page.
Smaller Steel genny worked out-of-box nicely and during 2 power outages. Recommend Steel and Champion generators at this point.

Sweet Machine!, December 6, 2011 By Skip Thomsen "riverguy" (Forestville, CA United States)

First day with the generator, so I'll post some updates as I put it to the test of supplying our home with emergency power when we get our inevitable winter disruptions. Ok, so you know, I've been around all kinds of power equipment for more years than most of you have been alive, and am intimately familiar with most of it. After reading a gazillion reviews on generators, I bought this one because it gets raves from just about everybody. I did some research on the company, and they seem to be operating with uncommon integrity.

So I unpacked the generator, sat down and read the manual (I always do that), topped up the oil, added a gallon of fresh fuel, turned on the ignition, gas valve and the choke. Then I was going to pull the engine through once or twice gently before the real pull that would start it, but hey, it started half way through the first pull! After half a minute, I turned off the choke and the engine ran smoothly.

There are lots of opinions on the noise level. I started it in my shop, where I have run many other small engines, and this one qualifies as one of the quietest. WAY quieter than the Honda-powered pressure washer I had just been servicing. Actually, there is more (normal) engine/mechanical noise than exhaust noise, so once outside where it's supposed to be anyway, it will be a lot quieter without hard walls to echo the noise.

After about five minutes of running, I plugged in a few tools, among them a 1500W heat gun. The engine sound difference was barely discernible and the voltage stayed right on.

I talked to a tech guy on these generators and he said the one biggest issue people have with them is they leave old fuel in the tank when the machine is in storage for months on end. Adding a fuel stabilizer intended to keep our new alcohol-laced gasoline stable is key. I'm going to run it for 5 hours and then change the oil to Mobil 1 full synthetic. I use this oil in all my small engines (and in my vehicles and even in my Harley) and I have no engine problems.

BTW, I got this idea from another reviewer but it bears reposting: To open the box, I cut all around the bottom about a half-inch off the floor. Then I just lifted off the whole box that is now my storage cover. Neat.

I'll post an update after some good running hours, but so far, this little generator is A-1.

Great Deal, WAY louder than advertised!, July 24, 2011 By Tom Sherry "Playa Monkey" (San Jose, CA USA)

I bought this genny for Burning Man 2011. We will be using it to charge Batteries and run Air Conditioning on super hot days! I just set up the genny, some easy assembly and we were ready to fire it up! Choked, it sounded like I was beating a Tin Can! 100 or so db (db = decibel, a measurement to sound)! Turned off the choke and it's likely at 80+ db which is a far cry from the 68 db advertised. I'm breaking it in for 10 hours or so before heading out there. It has been running solid for 4 hours and seems very solid so far. If it wasin't for the noise I would give it 5 stars so far. I made a YouTube of the set up and starting process

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