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Coleman Powermate 5,500 Watt 11 HP Portable Generator PMA525500

Coleman Powermate 5,500 Watt 11 HP Portable Generator PMA525500 Description

This Tecumseh powered 11hp Coleman Powermate portable generator boasts 5500 watts of continuous power and 6,875 watts of maximum power. The unit has a 5 gallon gas tank which provides up to 9.5 hours of run time at 50% load. The overhead valve engine provides improved fuel efficiency, longer life, less noise, and easier maintenance. The Premium Plus 6,875 watt generator has an easy start engine with a run stop switch offering seamless operation. The Premium Plus 6,875 generator has cast iron sleeves on the engine to provide extra protection from wear and tear. This generator has a control panel with four 120-volt outlets and one 120/240-volt locking outlet with circuit breaker protection allowing for portable power anywhere you need it. Enjoy the ease of the patented Cordkeeper which keeps cords plugged into the outlet. This generator is backed with a 2 year limited warranty. It is supported by the Powermate Corporation toll-free 24/7 consumer hotline 800-445-1805.

  •     5500 running watts/6,875 max watts
  •     Tecumseh 11 HP engine
  •     5-gallon tank provides 9.5 hours run time at 50% load
  •     Includes pneumatic wheels and handle kit
  •     Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California

This review is from: Coleman Powermate 5,500 Watt 11 HP Portable Generator PMA525500

Works great., October 26, 2011 By Walter Sigona "Walter" (Arizona)

I bought one second hand from a friend in 2005. I figured I could use it if the power went out. I never needed it, but I would go out and start it about every other month. I let it sit for about 4 years without starting it. All the gas evaporated it sat so long. I figured that it would be hard to start. I added some gas and it started right up.

most reliable, August 19, 2011 By rcase8

I have had one of these 5500 watt generators for about 8 years. it is the most reliable piece of equipment I have ever owned. Always starts on at least two pulls. I was especially pleased with it after hurricane Ike when I was 6 weeks without power. This thing ran as long as 14 to 15 hours on a single tank of gas. I worked 12 hour days then and I would shut it off in the morning to check the oil and fill the gas and go to work when I came home after 12 hours of work and 2 hours driving time it was still running and providing power. My only complaint is the sound level it is very annoying after several weeks of listening to it. So I did some research lately
and found a bigger quieter muffler on line and installed it myself it didn't make it Honda quiet but it took it from a scream to a rumble I can withstand. I find it helpful to block in the gas and let it die by running out of gas when it is going to sit for a long time. I also changed to a full synthetic oil recently I haven't had a chance to use it since but I am sure it'll do fine.I would recommend this to a friend, but I would also recommend the muffler change.

works like a champ!, May 9, 2010 By J. Hefford

I have had one of these is my garage for 3-4 years and never used it until a few days ago when we had a major power outage. Was about to get it started on the second crank with a little starter spray. This thing is LOUD (!!!) but does the job. Four 110 outlets and a 220, so you could run a refrigerator, lights, and whatever else you need. Most of the time, it's not a big deal to go without power for a few hours but you never know when you're doing to have an extended blackout. When that happens, this is really nice to have!

Power company on wheels, March 2, 2010 By Thomas Kaim "MrMou2U" (Lee, NH)

I've had the 5000 watt version of this generator for 8 years. The first six years it stayed in its unopened box as the power only went out for a day or two at a time and I was unaware how great it worked. Last year here in NH we had a severe ice storm and after two days of running down our supplies of water and wood for the woodstove, I decided to unpack the 6 year old Coleman Generator. I added oil and gas and it cranked right up, then tried running a few things with an extension cord. Having never used a generator, I found it just incredible that I could have power like this - ultimate power tool!

Long story short: the power outage lasted another 6 days (8 total); an electrician in-law helped me tie the Coleman into my sub panel; I had almost every convenience (phones and cable tv were out but hot showers, heat, microwave, laptops, lights were all available); fill up the unit at 11 pm and still running at 10 am.

When the oil gets to a level that is still ok but about halfway down on the dipstick, the unit starts to waver and then will quit running - go out there and add more oil and gas and it cranks right back up.

As I write this we are on the 5th day of another outage due to the Feb 25th 'Snowwicane' This time I cranked up the Coleman right away and I am able to run everything except my kitchen electric range and the clothes dryer.

The Coleman model that I have uses a 10 hp Tecumseh motor that seems to be extremely reliable and starts on the first pull every time.

The only con that I can think of is that adding oil requires a funnel and while the dipstick says not to over-fill, it doesn't indicate how many ounces need to be added when it is half full - seems like that would be easy to add onto the dipstick. Oh, and it's pretty loud.

My wife and I both resisted using the generator initially but now we're looking at a bigger one with electric start so that we'll hardly notice if the power goes out.

Highly recommended.

Good homeowner security for power outages, March 14, 2008 By Thomas H. Lawler (Everett, Wa)

I actually purchased one of these generators shortly after Katrina hit the gulf in prep for a natural disaster with an extended power outage. I've not had one yet where it lasted long enough to need it, but my brother ~10 miles away had one for a full week in Dec 2006 (and luckily had a generator). In Dec 2007 another county in my state had power out for a full week due to a main transmission tower coming down, so those things have shown me no one is invincible to power outages. The hardware stores quickly ran out of generators each time a crisis came, so if you're smart you'll not wait for the crisis to come before considering getting prepared.
When I began shopping for a generator, I quickly found the minimum power/price ratio is 10watts/$1. If you want one with features like electric start or over 8,000 watts (which is where electric start becomes standard), expect the price ratio to be more. I actually got this thru Costco who sold it for $550. They recently quit selling this unit (at least locally for me), so don't necessarily expect it there.
As far as it's performance goes, I just ran it for a couple hours to break it in with some space heaters plugged in for a load. It started for me within 2 pulls. I'm sure some would say it's pretty loud, but noise becomes of little significance to me after the power has been out for 24+ hours and I'm becoming concerned with things like the food in the fridge going bad, etc. This unit comes with 25 amp circuit breakers, so it actually can put out the continuous 5500 watts they say it can (whereas I've seen other generators labeled like "5200 watts" but have 20 amp breakers, so if you run the math 240V*20A=4800Watts). Since a generator like this weighs over 100 lbs, having the wheels so you can move it like a wheelbarrow saves your back. Otherwise the product description tells the rest and I see nothing unexpected to report.
If you're going to store a generator like this for long periods, they recomend doing the following before storing it to minimize problems: Use gas additives to minimize varnish buildup, close the gas valve and drain the carb of gas (or burn all the gas out of it), pour 1 tablespoon of oil into the engine thru the spark plug hole, and slowly crank the engine till it's on the compression stroke (so the valves are closed).
Since I'm pretty sure this can power anything I'd need in my house, I have no fear of a power outage lasting over 24 hours.


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