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Power Back 5,250-Watt Portable Generator #GT5250-WK

Power Back 5,250-Watt Portable Generator #GT5250-WK Customer Reviews

Tecumseh, 10HP, Engine, PowerBack Brand, 5,250W, 6,500 Surge, 7 Gallon Tank, 10.4 Hour Of Run Time On Half Load, 7 Hours Of Run Time On Full Load, 120 Vac Duplex Outlet & 120/240 Vac Twist Lock Outlet, Advanced Alternator, 9" Wheels.

Customer Reviews

Reliable back-up power, September 10, 2011 By U10 Coach

I bought this after Hurricane Isabel and have not regretted it. In fact, it got used again after Irene a couple of weeks ago and saved my sister-in law's freezer full of food, among other things. With a liitle basic care and maintenance, this generator continues to perform like new 7 years later, with reliable and clean (waveform) power that is easy on electronics. It starts on the first pull and runs strong all day. As another reviewer noted, it is quite fuel efficient. It is loud, however. Tips for keeping the engine reliable:
- Run it every month (or every 4 to 6 months, if you are like me and forget)for 20-30 minutes to make sure you can count on it and to evaporate any condensation out of the oil, etc.
- Check the oil before running it and when you refuel it during extended ops. It only holds 26 oz and not much needs to burn off before the low oil sensor/cutoff switch trips.
- Make sure you check the oil on a level surface. Low oil will cause it to stop running and/or not start. Can't stress this enough.
- Make sure to run the gas out of it when you are done by turning off the fuel valve and lettting it burn the last bit of gas out of the fuel line. This keeps the carburetor from getting gummed up.
- Use Stabil or another similar product to keep the gas fresh (for 6-12 months, tops, depending on the product and how much you use). Do not use old/bad gas!
By the way, for the reviewer that complained about the "$600" 10hp engine - it sucks that you got a bad generator, but that Tecumseh 10hp motor alone goes for over $400 new.

Great generator for the money, June 17, 2010 By Mike (Florida)

I bought this generator after the 2004 hurricanes ripped through our area in Florida. This generator starts right up on the first pull every time. As with any engine, if it is not used regularly, you need to treat the gas for storage. If yours doesn't have one, put a fuel cutoff switch in the fuel line. Every time you turn the generator off, just flip the switch and let it run all of the gas out of the engine. If you do this, you will never have a gummed up carburator and it will always be ready to go when you need it the most.

Work Horse, September 6, 2008 By Roxanne M. Johns (Moreauville, Louisiana)

I put this generator thru hell, we ran it for 18 hours a day for 5 days when hurrican gustro came thru louisiana and it never failed us. we ran a 110 unit, tv,freezer,fridge,fan and when the heavy rains came i would plug in the 1.5 horse power pump on the pool to remove excess water. it was well worth the 649 i paid for it.

Power Back GT5250 3 years Excellent for the Money, September 1, 2008 By K. Guillory

Purchased a GT5250 real cheap because someone did not put oil in the motor and blew the connecting rod clean out of the engine with half of the piston. Put a shot block in it and it has run great for 3 years. Use it for storms in southern Louisiana - many times!

Works every time and powers everything necessary like the frig, freezer, pc, satellite, cell phone chargers, freezer, router, switch, lights, TVs, DVDs, and a whole bunch more including the water pump. Not quite like a Honda but great for occasional use for a few weeks a year.

Extremely fuel efficient and only have to fill up twice a day for continuous use.

Great machine for the money., October 24, 2007 By Charles A. Hall

I bought my machine from a guy who has to keep up with the Jones's. He bought a new Kubota brand, and I bought his Devilbiss. The machine works great! Only once, it wouldn't start, but I drained the old fuel, put in fresh gas, and it started right up. Pro's - It is a great machine for the money. Con's - It is a little on the noisy side, and a little too heavy to be called portable.

Good Generator, December 24, 2006 By A. Davis

Bought this generator over a year ago at Home Depot for under 400.00 at a clearance price.PROS:Has low oil shutoff/Rigid tires/2 110 volt plugs/1 220 plugs./low fuel consumption.Have ran this generator continuosly with 2 jobsite air compressors and 4 roofing coil nailers with no problems.Aiso had 3way hooked up charging 1 Milwaukee 3 bay battery charger and 1 V28 battery charger.CONS:Minor-Fuel shutoff is inline wing type/No oil level indicator glass/Could use 2 more 110 outlets.FINAL THOUGHTS:Have been well pleased with this generator as it has withstood all tests I have thrown at it.

Not bad.., January 23, 2006 By G. Szimanski (Michigan)

I own one of these bought from Home Depot. Price was EXCELLENT. May not be a Honda, etc.. But for 400 it is an excellent back up generator. It is made in the US. Starts EVERY time, runs nearly the whole house including the furnace.(No AC) (Will run Window AC). I keep the gas treated, run int once a month or so (As you should ANY gas engine, unless winterized) It is a purchase worth the money.


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  3. I have a PowerPack Electric Generator GT5250-1. It has a Tecumseh 10hp made 7/26/99. It runs great except it is so loud people clap where ever I am when I turn it off. I has a Stern factory installed muffler on it now. I need to quiet it down for deer camp the end of next month. Is there a quieter muffler on the market for this generator I can purchace?

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