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Generac 5802 XG10000E 10,000 Watt 530cc OHV Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit & Electric Start

Generac 5802 XG10000E 10,000 Watt 530cc OHV Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit & Electric Start Description

Engineered for high performance, the professional-grade Generac XG10000E portable gas-powered generator (model 5802) is ideal for both residential and light commercial applications, providing a reliable 10,000-watt power supply wherever you need it and a maximum power output of 12,500 watts. The XG Series employs the Generac OHVI engine, which has a significantly longer life than competitive engines--up to an unprecedented three to four times longer. And this XG10000E model comes with an easy electric start integrated into the control panel.

Its compact design, smaller footprint, semi-solid, rally-style wheels and fold-down locking handles make this XG Series generator easier to transport. Additionally, its durable construction with oversized full-wrap frame tubing and impact resistant corners minimizes damage from rough handling. And all XG Series generators come with covered outlets for added protection from the environment and rugged working conditions, plus an hour meter to help track maintenance requirements.

Powerful, Long-Lasting OHVI Engine

The Generac OHVI (Overhead Valve Industrial) engine is the only engine designed specifically for generator use. Generators are often required to run for hours at a time, or even day after day. Engines adapted from other applications can overheat and may have shorter lifespans. It offers advanced heat reduction technology such as plateau-honed cylinders that lessen break-in time, plasma moly ring seals that help to keep excess oil out of the cylinder, and graphite piston inserts that provide a smoother surface for the piston to move against--all helping to contribute to a significantly longer engine life.

Maintenance costs are reduced with a spin-on automotive-style oil filter that's larger than a standard filter, catching more particles so oil stays cleaner for a longer amount of time. Service intervals are up to twice as long as competitive engines, approximately 2 years or 200 hours of operation.

Plenty of Wattage to Run a Full Range of Appliances

The Generac XG10000E supplies 10,000 output watts and 12,500 maximum watts (for start-up of devices). It has an A/C voltage of 120/240 and a frequency of 60 hertz.

For unexpected blackouts, this is enough wattage to run home appliances such as security systems, computers, and electric stoves, as well as window A/C units and sump pumps. For construction and landscaping applications, it's enough to support large devices such as lawn mowers, belt sanders, and table saws. And for camping and outdoor events, it can run portable stereos, outdoor lights, and electric grills.

(Note: All appliances should be checked for actual wattage ratings.)

This generator's sturdy, 10-gallon steel tank ensures a full 10 hours of operation at a 50-percent load, letting you relax for hours of use. You can monitor fuel levels at a glance with the tank's built-in fuel gauge, while the unique lighted Power Bar displays available wattage. Its 120-volt outlets are circuit-breaker protected, guarding against power overloads and allowing the generator to smoothly send power to your appliances.

This generator is backed by a two-year limited residential warranty (one-year warranty for commercial applications).

  •     Professional-quality portable generator with advanced 530cc OHVI engine, electric start, and full-wrap frame tubing
  •     Reliable 10,000-watt power supply; 12,500 surge watts
  •     Illuminated control panel for improved visibility; Power Bar monitors wattage usage
  •     10-gallon steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge; runs up to 10 hours at 50% load
  •     Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California

This review is from: Generac 5802 XG10000E 10,000 Watt 530cc OHV Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit & Electric Start

Generator, February 7, 2012 By Chau Mai

the generator delivery on time. However, there are few missing parts may have been lost during the delivering. Call the manufacture to have the items replace, they sent the items quickly.

Great Generator, January 27, 2012 By Dustin Madden

Fairly easy to put together, the battery was a little bit of a pain to reach. I ended up taking it out so I had room to work. Added gas and oil and she started right up first try. The instructions where easy to understand. It also came with a quick setup guide that had everything you need to do for those who don't like reading the manual.

Works great - actually using it as I write this review, January 19, 2012 By JH "flyinglow" (Seattle)

I purchased the 10K watt unit to ensure that I could power pretty much all of my appliances and furnace along with enough to spare for some lighting around the house.

This is my first real run with the unit. Our power went out as a result of the Seattle snow/ice storm.

So far so good! Easy to setup, easy to start and it fits nice in the corner of my garage when not in use.

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