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Hyundai HY2000si 2200-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Hyundai HY2000si 2200-Watt Portable Inverter Generator Description

This portable, lightweight generator is ideal for the user that requires the use of multiple small electrical items at once. This generator is perfect for camping and outdoor events with its sleek and compact case. Known for its low noise level with its exhaust and muffler designed for minimal noise, clean power output, excellent fuel efficiency with its 4-stroke HX53 engine with 3.8HP 5500RPM 125CC Hyundai motor equals longer running times, the HY2000 is suitable for your every need. Equipped with a 120-Volt AC (16.6A) outlet and 12-Volt (18.3A) DC power for "on the move" battery charges, it is a clean power source suitable for computers and sensitive electronic equipment, circuit breaker system with overload protection. Vehicle battery charge cables included. 2200-watt peak power/2000-watt running power; runtime of 5-1/2-hour at 50-percent load and noise level of 65 decibels. Not for sale in California.

  •     Circuit breaker system with overload protection and low oil indicator for additional protection, and vehicle battery charge cables included
  •     2200-Watt peak power/2000-watt running power; runtime of 5-1/2-hour at 50-percent load; manual recoil start
  •     Convenient for home, concerts, sporting events, trade shows and camping
  •     Clean power source suitable for computers and sensitive electronic equipment
  •     Non-CARB compliant/not for sale in California

This review is from: Hyundai HY2000si 2200-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

3 days non stop - no complaints, September 6, 2011 By Matt

This generator ran for three straight days save re-feuling and an oil change. It saved a freezer full of food after irene and for that we were delighted. It ran for between 8 and 9 hours keeping a chest freezer working and a handful of CFL lights on. It idled low when not under load and spooled up quickly as required. It was generally pretty miserly with fuel.

It put out a steady 119Volts under all load variations. It put out 60Hz but we noted regular periodic dips to 59.7Hz which appeared to be linked to the engine running rough (not a back fire, but a smooth idle interrupted by an irregular rhythm). No way to diagnose beyond the observed operation.

It strikes me as a copy of a better design. I would guess the honda eu2000i is/was exactly that (which we also own). The hyundai comes with features (an additional outlet and more power 2000 rated vs 1600) and a competitive price that make it seem a far better buy than the honda. But while it replicates the honda shape though larger and heavier, it completely lacks the refinement that defines honda products. Annecdotal observations of the hyundai relative to honda:
1. The Hyundai is noisier
2. The Hyundai Access panels are poorly executed for spark plug - not sure it can be removed with blue cover installed
3. The Hyundai Oil drain/fill is harder to access but comes with plastic tube which helps
4. Hyundai is Heavier / bulkier
5. the hyundai has what i believe is an unforgiveable design flaw:
- if you overfill the gas tank or splill any while filling, it will run down the face of the outlet panel!! The gas cap is recessed into the top of business end of the generator and the plastic panels funnel the spills down the face and possibly behind some panel pieces ( of the blue case) to who knows where. (we're not sloppy with gas but accidents happen - especially with all of the plastic "no spill" junk gas cans - see Eagle type II safety cans Eagle U2-51-S Type II Gas Safety Can 5-Gallon Metal Red With Flex Spout. Like honda, they look expensive but are American made ultra high quality. And the safest gas can I've ever used). Needless to say,the Honda has no such flaw.

6 The hyundai manual is not as clear as Honda but good enough.

7 The Honda has a commercial grade motor and a 3 year commercial use warranty. Try finding that on any gas powered gear. Extremely impressive.

8. The honda ran smooth and steady with stable voltage and frequency.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. And I strongly suspect that the honda will be running long after the hyundai is worn out. It should also be pointed out that there are LOTS of places across the country that maintain Honda equipment. No idea where to take or worse yet SEND the hyundai. If you have the money and will use the generator frequently or want to know when you need one it will work, Honda has no match.

Our Honda is staying, the hyundai we may sell.

Keeping me online during Irene., August 27, 2011 By Kevin Tierney

Ordered this and went with two day shipping and got it Thursday before Irene hit us. Started on second pull. The only time I had trouble starting it was when I left it in the off position on the front panel. Has been running a 42inch Plasma TV, HD DVR/Satellite box, Laptop, Network, vonage phone, dsl modem and refrigerator and used about 1- 1.5 gal of gas in 5 hours. Not for heavy loads, couldn't get it to like my 1100 watt micro, but I'm sure it was trying to draw more. If not for this, I would be clueless and without news, weather etc. This isn't the generator to power your house, but it can keep you connected to the world and your food from spoiling. It has been on my deck in a semi protected area running for 6+ hours during the storm. Very very happy with my purchase.

Hyundai HY2000si, May 2, 2011 By raazrbks

I ordered this generator/inverter from & it arrived 2 days later with free shipping! The unit was packaged well. The first thing I noticed was it's physical dimensions were larger than the Honda I previously owned. This is a backup generator & will be used for remote power around my property.

The unit started on the 4th pull. It ran for 5 minutes & died. The next day it did the same thing. Rather than call customer service, I decided to try & fix the problem. It was an easy repair, the inline fuel filter was cracked & leaking allowing the carb to suck air. $2.47 at the parts store & good as new.

As far as performance, it is just slightly louder than the Honda, starts easily & performs as stated. I would have given it 5 stars but the fuel filter issue keeps me from doing that. If you have the cash, spend the extra $500 on the Honda & you will not go wrong because they make a great product, if not, the Hyundai is a good exception. I have no regrets on this purchase.

UPDATE: The initial issue was the ignition coil
Authorized service unable to fix unit. They are sending me a replacement
Hyundai warranty tech very easy to deal with.


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