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McCulloch FG5700AK 5,700 Watt 11 HP 338cc Portable Gas Powered Generator

McCulloch FG5700AK 5,700 Watt 11 HP 338cc Portable Gas Powered Generator Description

The McCulloch 5,700-watt 11 HP portable power generator with wheel kit has a 5-gallon fuel tank for longer running time during blackouts. It's powered by an efficient 11 HP OHV engine with an easy pull recoil starter. This generator shuts off the ignition when dangerously low oil levels occur, and it's enclosed in a compact protective roll cage frame. A conveniently located on/off switch provides easy control of this generator, which provides a maximum of 5,700 watts. You'll also appreciate the large muffler that helps restrict noise from the generator, which is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

  •     McCulloch 5,700-watt, 11-horsepower portable gas powered generator with easy pull recoil starter
  •     Enclosed in protective compact roll cage
  •     Low oil shutdown shuts off the ignition when dangerously low oil levels occur
  •     Fold down handles for easy storage
  •     Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California

This is a modern portable generator great for camping, fishing and out in the shop area, constructed with a permenant magnet alternator and an OHC gasoline combustion engine. The engine turns the rotor outside the stator to change the magnetic flux generated into AC electricity through an inverter to DC then transfer to AC output

This review is from: McCulloch FG5700AK 5,700 Watt 11 HP 338cc Portable Gas Powered Generator

McCulloch generator 5700w, November 2, 2011 By AcePayday (USA)

I purchased this generator new for $630 from WalMart of all places and used it during a recent power outage that lasted 5 days. Once I installed the wheel kit and added oil (it comes without oil in it), I pulled on the starter rope twice and it fired right up. I ran it for five days straight, 24 hours a day, and it never once hiccuped. My unit has four 120VAC outlets for extension cords and one 240VAC 30amp outlet which is used to connect (via 10 gauge/4 wire cable with twist-lock connectors) to the plug mounted on the side of my house leading to the transfer switch wired to my main e-panel. This unit is a beast and much quieter than most generators. . It handled my deep well pump, refrigerator, oil furnace, TV, computer, microwave, toaster, can opener, e-skillet and lights in four rooms (about 3800W) at the same time without any difficulty and could have easily handled more. This unit saved our butts and made life almost normal during the power outage. I cannot speak highly enough about this unit and would recommend it without any hesitation to someone looking for emergency power backup!

Good little unit, February 26, 2010 By Derek Curlee (Yoakum, tx)

I have had this unit for about 5 years. I have never had any mechanical problems or electrical issues with the generator. It does have one issue I am not pleased with. The recoil start cover is plastic. The eyelit that the coil rope runs through came loose on the rope guide and allowed the rope to cut through the cover. When this happened the rope jumped the spindle inside and I had to remove the cover and re-do the rope on the spring loaded spindle. Easy enough, but a majot pain non the less. If that cover piece would have been metal, I would have no problems with this unit.

McCulloch 11HP 5KW Generator FG5700AK, January 20, 2008 By Steve Hendrix (Ohio, USA)

Very nice little unit, though used very little thus far. Now that I have a generator, we'll probably never have another power outage <grin>. This unit has plenty of power for emergency household use. It definitely sees a LOAD when my big deep-well water pump kicks on, but handles it just fine.

The only con I've seen thus far is that it floods easily. Choke it for one pull only (maybe two if it's REALLY cold). Otherwise it starts easily on the first or second pull.

Note that the picture Amazon is showing depicts a slightly more expensive model, with the side-mounted control panel. The one I received is the basic model, with the plugs right in the end of the generator, and no AC power switches. Just fine for my purposes, and the price was better than I've seen anywhere else.

Steve Hendrix


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