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Powerhorse Portable Generator with Electric Start - 9000 Surge Watts, 7250 Rated Watts

Powerhorse Portable Generator with Electric Start - 9000 Surge Watts, 7250 Rated Watts Description

This 9000-Watt Powerhorse Portable Generator with Electric Start is more than enough to handle the power tools on a jobsite or to run essential household appliances during emergency outages. Clean worry-free electricity, with less than 5% total harmonic distortion at full load, is safe for sensitive electronics. Specially formulated engine mounts minimize vibration and an oversized muffler reduces noise levels. Includes voltmeter. Electric start with recoil back up (electric start requires battery, Item# 1661141, sold separately). A FREE wheel kit completes the package. Combine these features with rigorous U.S.-based testing, dedicated customer/tech support and incredible value, and you'll own one of the most reliable generators in the industry.
  • Surge Watts: 9,000
  • Rated Watts: 7,250
  • Start Type: Electric with recoil backup
  • Engine Displacement (cc): 420
  • Engine: Powerhorse OHV with cast iron sleeves
  • Run Time: 8 1/2 hrs. @ 1/2 load
  • Receptacles (qty.): 11
  • Noise Level (dB): 75
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Fuel Capacity (gal.): 6.6
  • Low Oil Shutdown: Yes
  • Battery Required: For electric start
  • Battery Included: No
  • Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 29 x 22 x 28
  •     Less than 5% THD at 100% load
  •     Auto-idle engine
  •     Eight 120V, 20 Amp outlets
  •     One 120V, 30 Amp locking plug
  •     One 120V/240V, 30 Amp locking plug
This review is from: Powerhorse Portable Generator with Electric Start - 9000 Surge Watts, 7250 Rated Watts

Really good Generator......, January 4, 2012
By Paul D. Calabrese "Yukonhawk" (New York)
This review is from: Powerhorse Portable Generator with Electric Start - 9000 Surge Watts, 7250 Rated Watts (Misc.)
Update Jan. 4, 2012... I found out the motor for this generator is manufactured by a company called Ducar. I found this out by speaking with a customer Service rep at Northern Tool. HERE is a LINK to DUCAR'S website to help you learn more about them...... [...]. (I omitted the dots in the URL because when my review went live the link for the URL disappears.)I have read other reviews around the net and most likely this is a Honda clone. If a manufacturer meets Honda's stringent quality standards they will from time to time license their clone specs to other engine makers.

This my review from Northern Tool.......

"I received the Powerhorse 9000 on 11/4/11. From start to finish the order process and delivery were excellent. If you want to order one ask for Brenda. She was great and answered all of my questions Now to the genset.

First off this generator is one heck of a machine. It's powerful and very quiet for one this large. It is well put together. Even the welds on this thing are first rate. The materials are top notch, the paint job was perfect. So overall the fit and finish is top rate.

I assembled the wheels, handles and filled it with gas and oil all within 25 minutes. So the set up was easy. I brought it out of the garage and it stated on the first pull. In my opinion you really don't need to spend the extra bucks on the battery, but it's still nice to have if you choose to buy one.

I put a load on it once it warmed up for 5 minutes. The auto idle switch is great as it quiets the RPM'S down a lot. Once the frig started up the RPM'S kicked up and the genset ran like the wind. I then put the second frig on it and once again the engine jumped up and the genset ran with out a hitch.

Although this genset does not have an hour meter or gas indicator it's still worth buying. Just keep a log of when you start and stop it so you'll have a record of the hours. The fuel you can estimate how much is left in the tank.

Just be sure not to over fill the tank as it needs room for expansion and contraction.

I did a lot of research on gensets and it made my head spin. I looked at least 20 of them and narrowed it down the Generac 7500E and this one. The deciding factor was the auto idle on this unit. The Generac did not have that feature. Overall I am VERY impressed with this genset. 5 stars to Northern Tools for superior service and 5 stars for the machine.

One last note, the delivery guy told me he has the same machine that he bought 5 years ago. He said it has not given him one bit of trouble. Just keep the gas fresh with Sta-bil, start it once a month with a small load and follow the maintenance schedule and this machine will last for years. I hope this review helps you with your decision. Good luck." If you have any questions just lave them in the comments section here and I will answer them for you.

pretty high quality, December 14, 2011 By J Tria "gusser33" (Windsor Locks, Ct United States)

During the October storm in Connecticut everyone was in a mess. We were without power, trees, poles and wires were down. Our only means of keeping warm was a portable generator, unfortunately, there were none around. I saw this on line and my cousin and i each purchased one, although i must admit, with great reservation. He ordered the 7000, i ordered the 9000. His was available for immediate shipment and mine was on backorder. I really felt uncomfortable ordering a Chinese product, both due to quality concerns and not Buying AMERICAN. But, after 8 days with no power, we took the chance as we didn't want to go through this again. My cousins came in first and honestly, i was surprised at the build of the unit. It was packed very well, no damage in shipping and was very substantial. After a very short assembly, we added oil and gassed it up. Second pull it started, ran a little rough for a few minutes until the gas flowed freely and then smoothed right out. Four days later, mine came in. the 9000. Assembly and quality were the same. Second pull it started. Mine is an electric start, but once i saw how easily it started i decided not to get the battery. I can only say what i have seen so far and it seems it is a well made product and should last a while. I had to throw food away from two freezers which cost more than the generator. I am having an electrician come in and wire it so i can run the whole house. I hope i never have to use it, but having the peace of mind knowing that my house will not freeze is well worth the investment.


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  3. Don't purchase one of these purchased a 7000 watt. Ran approximately 5 hrs.Stopped producing electricity carried to northern and was told the generator head was completely burnt out $612.00 to repair.Pure junk don't waste your money buy something decent.