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Porter-Cable BSI550-W 5,500 Watt Generator with 10 HP Engine

Porter-Cable BSI550-W 5,500 Watt Generator with 10 HP Engine Description

This Porter-Cable generator features a 10-horsepower, overhead-valve Briggs and Stratton engine that delivers 5,500 continuous watts, with a 9,000-surge-watt capacity. This unit provides 13.2 hours of run time at half load and 8.1 hours at full load, thanks to the 7-gallon fuel tank. The cast-iron cylinder sleeve and low-oil protection mean you can run this unit all day long without worries. The advanced, all-ball-bearing, brushless alternator provides less current distortion, resulting in less down time. A convenient front panel houses two 120-volt duplexes, one 120/240-volt twist-lock connection, and mounted circuit breakers for each outlet. A fully welded steel tube frame protects all components, while rubber isolators connected to the motor and alternator minimize vibration. The handles lock in a horizontal position when transporting and fold down vertically when not in use. The semipneumatic wheels and full-width axle make it easy to transport over uneven terrain and job site debris. Backed by Porter-Cable's one-year parts and labor warranty.

Be prepared for power loss emergencies with the Porter-Cable 5,500 watt generator, featuring an overhead valve Briggs and Stratton engine and seven gallon fuel tank. The powerful 10 horsepower engine delivers with a 9,000-surge-watt capacity, providing 13.2 hours of power at half load and 8.1 hours at full load. This generator offers convenience with semi-pneumatic wheels, full-width axle, and handles that fold and lock for trouble-free transport and storage. It’s also constructed with a completely welded steel tube frame to protect important parts while rubber isolators protect the motor in order to reduce vibration. The Porter-Cable BSI550-W is built with a cast-iron cylinder sleeve and low oil protection for all day endurance. In addition, the innovative brushless, all-ball-bearing alternator produces with less down time and the accessible front panel includes two 120 volt outlets with an one installed circuit breaker and one 120/240-volt twist-lock connection.

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WOW! What a Generator!
, December 3, 2011 By Bruce P. Wilkins

Great generator based on other reviews by engineers. I would also recommend this generator to others. Powers everything I need during the storm and more.

This generator saved us!
, November 2, 2011 By R. Foster (New York)

We ran this generator for 3 1/2 days after losing power after a freak fall snowstorm. What could have been an unbearable 4 days turned out to be quite comfortable. It was easy to start, usually on the first pull after it had been running a while and with only two pulls on a cold start. It is very efficient, lasting for close to 14 hours on a 7-gallon fill-up. (It never actually ran out on us...we were always able to refill it in time.) It enabled me to power our furnace, hot water heater, fridge, computers, certain small appliances, and several lights. In an era where one-foot snowstorms with wind and ice are becoming the norm in my area, I feel blessed to have this machine! (My son has named it "Jennie.")

Runs great!!
, January 9, 2010 By Tony Kwong "TonyK" (Oregon)

After 2 years. No problem. Ran it for 3 hours twice during an outage and on and off to just run it.

Always start within 2-3 pulls.

Worth the Money,
November 9, 2008 By T. Montgomery "sgtmonty" (Kinsey, MT USA)

I live in a semi-remote part of the country and I had my Generator within 7 days of ordering as against reviews I had read where buyers waited weeks. The assembly was easy and straghtforward and the generator started on the second pull. It is used as backup power when our power fails (frequently). It easily holds our gas furnace, refrigerator, chest freezer, lighting, TV and computer. It holds enough gas to carry us through most power outages. I am well satisfied with this purchase.

Ted M. Eastern Montana.

It Rocks, May 17, 2005 By David R. Bennett "Some Beach" (Spaced Coast, FL)

[...] thought I should purchase a generator. [...] Hurricane season is coming and I thought it is time to buy a generator, checked Home Depot and couldn't find what I wanted so [...] Runs great, started on the first pull of the handle. Would recommend this generator to every one!

Great product so far., March 19, 2005 By Eugene F. Clifford (Chicago, IL USA)

I have used this generator for a few small jobs so far. Worked great. Very easy to start. Large fuel tank. Plenty of amp capacity for startup amperage. Manual could be a little clearer on wiring the plug (inc) for 220v. Shipping sucked, took forever. ABF lost it, then found it, so I said, leave it where it is, I'll come and get it. Product 5 stars so far, minus 1 star for shipping.

Good product, highly recommended
., March 9, 2005 By David Frederick

Just received the generator today. Installed the wheel kit and handles, put gas and oil in it, and it started and ran great the first pull. I shopped around for generators and for the features of this generator has, I could not find a better deal anywhere.

Works as Advertised
, September 7, 2004 By H Winter "HankW" (Charleston SC)

We received the generator today. My son and I put it together in about 2 hours. The instructions were clear on how to put the wheel kit on the frame.

Gassed and oiled it up and it fired on the first pull.

Shipping from ABF was great. Received a call about 2 days before delivery to arrange the drop off.

Note: We could have bought a generator from one of the home stores for about $50 less but felt that the Porter-Cable was probably a better value based on the reviews placed here.

Porter-Cable BSI550-W 5,500 Watt is a work-horse., January 2, 2004 By Ricky McKenzie (Tylertown, MS United States)

I purchased the Porter-Cable BSI550-W 5,500 Watt Generator with 10 HP Engine because I had to have portable power for residential construction. I bought it so I could run 13 - 15 amp circular saws and a 15 amp, 5 h.p. electric air compressor. It would not kick the compressor on when the air was at 100 lbs. so a serviceman set the rpm at 3700 rpm instead of the factory set 3600 rpm, which generates at 140 volts, no load. It runs great and runs super good. The negative side is having to idle it above the recommeded rpm and the extremely loud noise it makes even with the quiet muffler that it came with. There is also a loud rattling sound in the lower part of the 10 hp B and S engine. I don't know if that's a defect that can be fixed or something that you have to live with. It seems to come from the engine connecting rod to the piston. Other than that it is a great generator for the price. A person who uses it occasionally might not even be bothered by the rattling noise.

Bang for the buck!, November 20, 2003 By "ohioindy" (Canal Fulton, OH USA)

This is certainly a step UP from the usual 4,500 watt "budget" generators! Very easy to assemble and a wonderful heavy duty unit that will power MOST of my house in case of electrical problems. Be aware.. you will still need to probably purchase a transfer switch (around $400) and cable (another $50) plus a couple hundred more for installation if you want to do it the "RIGHT" way, however, I figured that in the event of a power outage, it is MORE than worth the cost. I purchased this item when there was free delivery, which was great, because the shipping company said that it would probably have been an additional $200 for shipping this item! I also got a $50 rebate and the price was quite a bit lower than it is now, but I still don't think you can go wrong with this unit. The large fuel tank is certainly a plus! Of course, the delivery company met me and delivered it to the "street" (I had to drag it UP my driveway), but it was well worth it for the price (free!). Porter Cable has a great reputation for this equipment, and I'm looking foward to giving it a full test as soon as my power drops out this winter.

Most Excellent
, November 17, 2003 By Anthony (Adamstown, Md United States)

I am very pleased with this generator. I'm not exactly Tony the toolman, but this was a breeze to start up and to attach the wheel kit. Just added gas and oil started on the first pull. I'm just waiting or the electrician to show up and install the transfer switch and I'll be ready for most anything. I was told that since my furnace is gas and don't have a well pump that I'll be able to hook up most of my house. The shipping with ABF was a little tedious, I had to leave work and arrange a meeting place, but the driver was cool and helpfull. Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.

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