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All Power America APG3012 3,250 Watt 6.5 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator Description

All Power America APG3012 3,250 Watt 6.5 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator Description

  •     Produces 20 amps at 120 volts
  •     Runs eight hours on half load on four gallons of fuel
  •     Operating noise 68dB
  •     Two AC 120 volt outlets
  •     Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California

This review is from: All Power America APG3012 3,250 Watt 6.5 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator

Works reliablly and quietly for 3 years+
, November 11, 2011 By Sp Darren "spdarren" (Southern Maine)

I have owned this generator for almost four years. I live in Maine, where winters can be harsh, so a generator is as important as snow tires around here.

We do not lose power often, but when we do, the generator has performed perfectly each time. I custom-made a wire so that I could plug the generator into my transfer switch, and give power to our home when needed. Granted, it does not power everything in the house - it is a 125V 2500 Watt/20 Amp model, which is a relatively small generator. That said, running lights, TV, Satellite, fan-forced gas fireplace can all run at the same time. If we need to operate the toaster, microwave, or coffee maker (all run at about 1200 Watts continuous), we just need to ensure to use only one of those items at a time, and for good measure we unplug the fridge temporarily, so as not to overload the generator. This may sound like an inconvenience, but it is a lot less inconvenient than freezing your butt off in your own home during a snow or ice storm.

What is extemely important when operating this, or any other gasoline generator, is regular maintenance. It is all in the owners manual, that being: checking the oil before each use, oil changes (I changed mine every six months, regardless of usage), cleaning the air filter, spark plug changes, starting the generator up and running it every few weeks for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, closing the fuel valve and leave the choke open when not in use, keeping the generator clean, warm it up for a few minutes before plugging electrical components into it, only plug in one high wattage item at at a time, waiting for the machine to run smoothly before plugging in the next one, and do not overload it.

I own many small engine items, such as a lawn tractor, chain saw, lawn mower, chipper-shredder, and more. When I use this generator, I still cannot get over how quiet (relatively) it runs. I would not want to have a romantic dinner conversation sitting next to the machine, but whenever the power goes out in my neighborhood, where lots are one to seven acres, I can hear my neighbors' generators echoing more so than my own.

The manufacturer states that this machine can run "8 Hours at 1/2 Load on 4 Gallons of Fuel." Much to my surprise, however, during an ice storm in 2008, we once ran the generator for 16 hours without running out of gas. Granted, we were probably not running it at full or probably even half-load, but I was still amazed.

In addition, this machine has 12 Volt leads on it, so I have used it to jump start my car (dead battery) on ocassion.

The engine is made in China, which one would probably guess with the low price. The engine manufacturer is Chongqing Dajiang Power Equipment. Their engines are used all over the world for every kind of small combustion engine imaginable, from generators to motorcycles. I cannot comment on the reliablility of their other products, but this generator has performed well. I have not needed to buy any replacement parts for it yet (other than the spark plug), but you can buy them from All Power America, or Sears Parts Direct.

Following the same guidelines that you would follow to take care of your car, lawn mower, or any other gasoline powered engine, will likely give you years of reliable usage from this fine piece of equipment.

Easy to Operate/Be Aware of Possible Problem, September 24, 2011 By L. Stellato (CT)

Used this machine for the first time during Hurricane Irene. This was the first time that I operated a generator and I found the instructions very easy to follow. The instructions are printed in the manual and on the machine. It holds 4 gallons of gasoline so it can run continuously for a long time before refueling. I think the longest that I let it run was 11 hours! Note, however, that there is an issue with the oil. After about 35 hours of running time, the machine stopped running. I called the 1-800 service number (good thing I had phone service) and the people there (who were very helpful) seemed quite aware of this problem. They told me to change the oil and try running it again. The manual says to change the oil after 50 hours.) This did not solve the problem. Once again contacted them and was told to disconnect the oil sensor wire, start the machine and let run 10 minutes, and reconnect. (They explained exactly where everything was located.) This didn't totally solve the problem, but my brother was able to get it going again. The oil level switch may be faulty. Also note, when we changed the oil, it was completely black, so I think that the next time I use it, I will make it a point to change the oil after maybe 30 hours. I should also note that the noise level is not bad; it is quieter than many I've heard.

Love mine..., July 20, 2011 By Benjamin Kopp "Malisaw" (Gainesville, GA)

I live in a subdivision where the main road has pine trees lining a little hill with the power lines below them. Regular we lose power so out of frustration I purchased one of these (elsewhere) - same model. I have used it three times thus far - maximum continuous time was for 13 hours. It specifically states in the manual not to run things like TV's without a filter because it does not produce a sine wave (something like that)... Well - we were seriously bored the night we used it the longest so I went ahead and hooked up the following:

Full Size Fridge/Freezer combo, Full size stand up freezer, small fan, two lights, 2 satellite boxes, 1 42" LCD TV and 1 32" LCD TV. Little thing ran like a champ! Never noticed the light dim when adding additional things (TV's/Sat. boxes were the last added) or when the fridge or freezer cycled. Cranks up fairly easy (each time it's taken about 3-4 pulls) and runs a good 9 hours at least with the above (minus the TV's...filled it before bed time and it ran 9 hours and still had a quarter tank almost).

Couldn't be happier so far - total run time around 24 hours to date.

Only complaint would be the lack of wheels and the fact that if you add wheels you void the warranty. This sucker weighs in at around 100lb I believe EMPTY. Not what I'd really call "portable". Fortunately I only have to move it about 10 feet when I need to use it.

Not only would I buy it again, I've recommended it to family members.

Used First Time, July 15, 2011 By Gold Dog
I purchased one of these generators in March of 2010 and put it in my back garage still in the box. Living in the Chicago area we just went 5 days with no power.(July 2011). I opened the box and the pet-cock had been broken in transport. I rigged up a gas tank off of my snow blower to the carb and started it up. It took a few trys to get it going but then I ran it pretty much non-stop for 5 days with no problems. Having a smaller gas tank to use was a pain and I had to refill it every 90 minutes or so and it would run dry at night. After filling the tank again it started every time with one or two pulls. Use the choke and then flip it right open once it is running. For the first start I had to use the choke and let it run a bit rough for about 45 seconds and then play with opening the choke to get it going. It runs at high revs all the time and I gather that is standard with the less expensive models.

All in all, for my purpose, i.e., to use during rare power outages, it is a good value. Don't know about the above review re;the voltage regulator.

If I need to use it again in the next couple of years I will update this review.


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