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ETQ PG30P11 3,500 Watt 7 HP 208cc 4-Cycle OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator

ETQ PG30P11 3,500 Watt 7 HP 208cc 4-Cycle OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator Description

Utilizing clean-burning propane, the ETQ PG30P11 Portable Generator provides quiet, efficient, and cost-effective power to electrical appliances. You'll get the performance you need thanks to a seven-horsepower, 208-cc engine that produces up to 3,500 watts of energy--enough power to run your TV, refrigerator, water heater, or other household appliance. Great for power outages, light industrial applications, or recreational use, this generator connects to any standard-sized propane grill tank and has an oversized muffler for quiet operation.

Powerful Engine with Oversized Muffler for Quiet Operation
The PG30P11 features a powerful, seven horsepower, 208-cc, four-stroke, propane-powered OHV engine that is capable of producing 3,000 continuous watts and 3,500 maximum watts. Its pull recoil makes for easy, reliable starts every time. And with a quick-connect coupler, it hooks up easily to any gas grill's propane tank (not included).

, this generator uses only 1-1/2 pounds of gas per hour under a 50-percent load, meaning you can enjoy your appliances for hours on end without worrying about your carbon footprint.

The engine isn't just powerful, it's also quiet. Thanks to its oversized muffler, the generator produces sound at just 65 decibels during operation, making it an ideal choice for camping.

Alternator Technology Safely Delivers Electricity to Your Appliances
One of the most innovative features of the PG30P11 is its ETQ Clean Sine Alternator Technology that ensures low total harmonic distortion (THD). THD is a measure of the quality of the electricity produced by a generator, and THD above six percent can damage electronics and other components over time. With THD of less than five percent, the PG30P11 ensures high-quality, safe delivery of electricity from the generator to your electrical components.

With low THD, this generator is computer-friendly, meaning it's completely safe to use with laptops, printers, desktop computers, and more. The PG30P11 will give you peace of mind knowing that your computer hardware is completely safe from power surges and bad-quality electricity.

3,500 Watts of Power to Handle Most of Your Household Electronics
The PG30P11 produces up to 3,500 watts of power to run most of your electrically powered household items. You can use the 120-volt, 20-amp GFCI protected dual outlet to power lamps, TVs, computers, fans, or other low-wattage appliances all at the same time. Or take advantage of the 30-amp outlet to power higher wattage electrical components and appliances. Both outlets are circuit-breaker protected for complete safety from power surges that can damage your appliances and equipment.

Heavy-Duty Steel Construction That's Built for Portability
Everything from the heavy-duty cast iron engine to the durable rolled steel tubing surround is built to last. Weighing 106 pounds and measuring just 25.5 x 21 x 19.5 inches (LxWxH), this generator is easy to move and store.

Propane Power is , Affordable, and Convenient
Propane is a clean-burning fuel that is better for the environment than regular gasoline. It's also very inexpensive and convenient to use. One propane tank can power both your propane gas grill and your PG30P11 Portable Generator; simply switch the quick-connect coupler and you're ready to go.

The ETQ PG30P11 LP Portable Generator is backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

  •     ETQ 208cc 7HP OHV, air cooled
  •     Propane generator creates LPG eco-friendly energy
  •     ETQ's Sine Power delivers clean and steady current ideal for sensitive electronics
  •     20 pound propane fuel tank, fuel consumption of 11.5 hours @ 50% load
  •     Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California

This review is from: ETQ PG30P11 3,500 Watt 7 HP 208cc 4-Cycle OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator

Works on house propane system, December 19, 2011 By R. Holzle "R Holzle" (Arkansas)

Got this generator from Amazon when most other vendors listed it as out of stock. Amazon shipped the next day using a shipper called 'Home Direct'. They delivered a couple days late, BUT their website did not have functional delivery tracking so I had to send Amazon an e-mail when I had not heard anything on the expected delivery date. Amazon responded in about 3 hours and the shipper also sent me an e-mail in about 2 hours.

My house has a 250 gallon propane tank to run the heater during the winter. I was able to hook up the ETQ generator to the house propane system. I teed off the 11" water column pressure house propane piping with 1/2" black pipe to an outside location. I then disconnected the ETQ inlet propane hose (the one that connects to the propane tank) at the inlet to the pressure regulator on the top of the generator. I then ran a hose (provided by the local propane dealer) from my 1/2" pipe to the inlet side of the ETQ regulator. After air got cleared from the piping/hose, the generator started up and ran just as it had on a portable propane tank.

Solid Generator and Great Support, December 19, 2011 By jabber93

Received this generator in good shape, and it starts easily on 2 pulls of the cord. Runs quieter than gasoline units I have used. Have not used in emergency situation yet. Excellent experience with support to answer a couple of setup questions and for product registration. Very pleased so far. Be sure to get an oil filler with long funnel as it would be impossible to get oil in the unit without one.

Very pleased with this item., December 18, 2011 By R. Hembree "Vet Tech" (OK, USA)

This generator was delivered to us yesterday and we tried it out today. We were quite pleased with it. It ran the 1100-watt microwave and heater blower motor with no problem. It started after two tries. My husband is an electrician and he said he was proud of the generator and that it "really kicks butt." Pardon the language, but those were his words and it must be a good product to get that kind of a positive response from him. It was delivered by CEVA. They were very polite and prompt. Overall, we are very happy with this transaction.

Brilliant, quiet, little generator, December 14, 2011 By Lee Roberts

Main reasons for buying this generator:
1. Propane fuel allows me to avoid stale gas and associated issues.
2. I was advised that propane generators were quieter.
3. Couldn't budget for larger Wattage.

I've owned the unit for over a month now and have run it for a total of 5 hours (to reach the suggested first oil change).

Company promptly phoned to arrange delivery and delivered during the requested window. Generator arrived undamaged. Other reviews have pointed out the lack of information about the red brackets, etc. ETQ appeared to have listened as this one arrived with warning tags and the manual seemed straightforward enough.
The included toolkit and RV adapter were a nice touch.

I read the other reviews and followed the advice about being careful with the choke and having nothing plugged in during start. It easily started on the second pull.
It really is quiet, I've had conversations standing over it without issue. Compared to my neighbors gas generators (which are admittedly in the 5000-7000 watt range), it's pleasant to be around.
At around 100lbs, I can pick this up and carefully move it around. Wheel kit would obviously be preferred but I can't justify the cost so the weight is a pro for me.

Only a small issue, the oil fill/drain location isn't great and required me to tilt the unit while filling and draining. Make sure you have a small diameter funnel with a long spout.

Overall I'm very happy with this purchase.

So far so good; wheel kit is a good idea, November 8, 2011 By Nathaniel Firethorn (Exit 8A, New Jersey)

Generator just arrived today. Using both the choke (which worked fine) and the denser, I was able to get it started in 1-2 pulls when adjusted properly. The wheel kit (available from as their Item# 213298, ETQ part number W001-T40-00) is a necessity if you want to move the generator easily over any flat surface; alternatively, strap it on to a hand truck. The next step is to wire in a transfer switch and try it on some critical circuits in my home.

Impressed, October 18, 2011 By jjtumolo

This review is from: ETQ PG30P11 3,500 Watt 7 HP 208cc 4-Cycle OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator
The product was shipped quickly. I have already used it a few times and the generated works fine. The noise level is low compared to other generators. I'm pleased using this product for light construction projects and feel it should help in case of any emergency for my small home

Great Little Generator, September 22, 2011 By Amazonaholic

Well, Just received this today. This was the only disappointment with this purchase. It was ordered on Sept. 1st; due by the 9th; and received today. A long wait.

Other than that, it was in good working order. The lengthy shipping seemed to do no harm. The first small snag we ran into was due to us not having the new tanks. So might want to keep that in mind if you have the older propane tanks. Unless we find an adapter we won't be able to use them. The second snag was they seem to ship with a washer on the machine end of the hose. Once you take it off, remove the washer thingy and reattach the hose it won't spew propane. Then, she fired up and ran like a champ. We started it up about 5 feet from our door, in a carport area. Once we went inside the house the noise was minimal. We used the recommended power cord; plugged it in, and plugged our power drill in, and it worked just fine.

We will put it through some paces in the next month or two and I will update if we find anything of interest to add. Until then, it's a wonderful little machine and should serve us well in the future.

i expected less noise, February 15, 2011 By customer in VA (VA)

I love the idea of propane tools. I think there should be more propane powered devices (lawnmowers, generators etc).

I need a generator only 1-2 times a year during overnight power outages. My biggest consideration points were noise and propane. I bought this from a local store so that I could return this in case it was too noisy.

-Started on the first pull everytime i tried (as long as i had the choke lever in correct position - be gentle with the lever because many complained it can break).
-I love the idea of propane powered generator
-Instructions are ok, but not much to do really

- it is noisy. I have a house about 20 meters from my place (60 feet) and I did not feel comfortable with the noise level - i thought it would bother my neighbors. I thought propane would be quieter (and i guess it is compared to gas powered generators) but on absolute level, this generator is still loud.
- some parts like the choke lever seem flimsy so be gentle.

I am returning it. I do not want a gasoline generator (yamahas are quiet) because I would not use it often and gasoline storage and clean up can be a problem. So my plan is to buy an inverter (pure sine wave) and connect it to my car. I know it is an expensive way to get power but it is quieter and more "sure" way to get temporary power.

Propane gets 5 stars minus 1 star for noise.

As Promised, January 29, 2011 By Renegade

The generator was delivered ahead of schedule in good shape. After connecting to the propane tank it started easily on the second pull. I purchased this item as a backup electrical supply and have not had the need to use it for any length of time. It is fairly quiet as generators go.

works great, December 27, 2010 By Patricia J Borden

We bought this to run freezer and refrigerator. It started right up. Ran extension cords to both. Worked great. No mess of gas to deal with. Light weight and not too noisy.


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  5. After air got cleared from the piping/hose, the generator started up and ran just as it had on a portable propane framing nailers