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Sportsman GEN7000LP 7000-Watt 13 HP OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator

Sportsman GEN7000LP 7000-Watt 13 HP OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator Description

For Emergencies, Camping, Power Outage and Construction. Supply Power For Appliances, Tools And More. Gasoline, Propane, And Diesel Generators.
  •     13 HP OHV Engine
  •     Runs 8-hour at 50-percent load on 20-pound on fuel
  •     Operating noise <80-decibel, Includes Wheel Kit, Electric Start
  •     Four AC 120-Volt and one AC 240-Volt Outlets
  •     Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California
This review is from: Sportsman GEN7000LP 7000-Watt 13 HP OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator

So far, so good, January 29, 2012 By J. Spivey (Illinois)

Got a great deal on this at H Depot. First generator I bought, but I didn't have any problem getting it up and running within an hour of unboxing it. The wheel kit was relatively easy (except for tight quarters on the holding pins near the wheels). I added the 38 oz. of oil they recommend and hooked up my lp grill tank, and it started on the second firm pull and ran flawlessly for 20 minutes while I added a leaf blower and some power tools. I was going to get a battery, which takes some hunting around for the right specs, but I'm holding off for now. If I start having trouble pull starting it I can always spend the $40 or so later. I'm having an electrician install a transfer switch and then I should be able to run the fridge, tv, some lights and maybe a couple other smaller things at the flip of a switch. Fine for limping by for a couple days if the power goes out. I am really happy I got this one after a lot of research. I'll update this if I have any issues with more usage.

Propane Sportsman Generator, September 26, 2011 By cque

Purchased unit prior to Hurricane Irene, and using Prime account unit was delivered in a couple of days. Experenced a 24 Hour outage and used to power Refrig., 2 Sump Pumps, TV, Cable box, FIOS box (phones/tv), and lighting. Generator ran flawlessly with less exhaust fumes since propane vs. gas. Manual could be more specific, like providing dimensions with wheel kit installed, more specific about battery to use (specs a motorcyle battery of a certain size), and diagrams instead of less detailed photos for installing wheel kit. Would like to see cover over outlets to keep them dry during use.

I'm satisified with this purchase so far., September 16, 2011 By trump215l

I found limited choices when I decided to buy a propane powered portable generator. I live in a rural setting that is in a hurricane prone area and wanted a generator I could run with the fuel in a 330 gallon propane tank. I would have bought a slightly larger generator if one had been available but the next step up from 7 KW went to the permanently mounted generators of much higher wattage. This generator is just barely adequate for the load I must carry for the essentials if I lose power. It started easily and works well although it's a little louder than I would like but ran well and works well for the load I have. I've ran it for an hour so I don't know how it will last and I don't have any feedback on the fuel consumption rate but so far I consider it a pretty good deal for the money.

Sportsman LPG Portable Generator, September 10, 2011 By Marty R.

Received the Sportsman 6,000 watt sustained Portable Generator from the distributor yesterday. It only took about 30 minutes to put together the wheels, handle and filling it with oil (The instructions leave a lot to be desired, but only basic mechanical skills are needed anyway). It's a well built machine - It fired right up with a propane tank borrowed from the grill using the pull start. The engine runs smooth and is not as loud as other generators that I've experienced. The one thing I don't like about it all that much is that the wheel axel is not one piece; each wheel has it's own axel about 4" long that is secured to the frame by a welded bracket and cotter pins. Not sure that's a big deal unless you really intend to spend a lot of time moving the generator. The wheels are two piece galvenized rims bolted together for the air-filled tires that are held on the axels by another series of cotter pins. I would suggest replacement wheels with airless (or flatless as they're sometimes called) to alleviate flat tires and/or flat spots. The generator does not come with a battery, but it did come with a cool little emergency band manual charge (you know - grind it for a minute to get ten minutes of operation) I thought it ironic that a free radio that didn't require any power came with an electrical generator. Anyway, great generator for the next loss of power - didn't have a good experience with hurricane IRENE, but I'll be ready for the next one!

Propane generator, August 25, 2011 By Danny Crull

I love this generater more then any I have had before . I have had 5. For a non permanent generator it is perfect. I purchased a 30lb can of propane for it and I start it once a month. It starts first pull and hits on the first turn with the electric starter. Can't wait for the power to go out so I can use it. I have used it to run out door lights, drills,saws and chargers. Easy to move around and I built a table to house it off the patio. Not too big and not to small.

Wow. Propane generator starts on first pull, August 3, 2011 By R. Hernandez

This generator is simply awesome. It was shipped on a truck equipped with a liftgate making delivery very easy for me and my 2 wheel dolly.

The generator instructions to get the wheels on could be better. I read other reviews that mentioned this. So, I downloaded the manual from buffalo tools and studied the blow up diagram and read the installation process. This made things much easier for me and quicker. A few screws here and there with metric wrenches and I was done. All I had to do was add oil up to the bottom of the lip where the oil plug is inserted as stated on the manual.

It started with the first pull. Setup is easy. Attach the propane hose to the generator and propane tank, open propane nozzle, turn VERY LARGE switch on generator to "on" position, close choke, pull hand starter. Super easy.

Haven't used under load but I'm sure it will perform nicely. I purchased a used 100 lb propane tank. This thing will run for about 40 hours on 50% load before the tank runs out. 80 hours if I buy another and connect them together. Also, there is no "low oil" light. It will simply turn off and won't start if there isn't enough oil.

Say goodbye to gumed up carbs and expensive gasoline. Propane is the way to go.

Great Generator! Excellent Price!, July 20, 2011 By Kenneth R. Pogue

This generator was purchased through an Amazon partner(CSN) arrived ahead of schedule and in perfect shape thanks to R+L Carriers!
I did not have a battery on hand yet to use the electric starter but the pull rope worked very well! After connecting it to the propane, it took about 3 pulls to start for the first time and it ran perfectly. The choke handle is kind of flimsy, but we didn't need to use it. It is a bit louder than I expected, but I don't have prior experience with a generator to compare it to.
The assembly directions are not as easy as they could be, so it took a few extra minutes to figure out how to attach the handle and wheels, etc. That was not a big problem though. We plugged in several small items to see how they would do and it had no trouble running them.
We decided to get the 30 pound(7 1/2 gallons) cylinder of propane for this just to add a little more run time than I could get with a grill sized cylinder and will probably buy 1 more cylinder as a back up.
I would highly recommend this generator for the ease of use and great price!

Saved the day
, June 1, 2011 By Lynn Hunter "Yukonjack21" (Enola, PA)

I bought this at the end of winter to replace my old gasoline powered one after it wouldn't start (due to the ethanol in the gas gumming up the engine) during an ice storm. I was planning to be prepared for this coming winter. I never imagined I would be using it a few months later when a tornado whipped through our neighborhood and county just before Memorial Day. We were fortunate and only without power for 4 days, but this generator came through with flying colors. I hadn't even taken it out of the box and really wasn't at all prepared for this storm. I didn't have the battery in yet so we had to manually pull start. I have neck issues but it wasn't that difficult and started quickly each time. The brochure says you will get around 8 hours on a half load, ...NOT. Try figuring on 4 to 5. Didn't seem to matter what we ran that was the average. At $20 bucks a little 20lb bottle we got into a rhythm of running it noon to 5pm for the heat of the day and again at night 10pm to 3am for showers and such.
I planned to have a large 100lb or maybe 250lb propane tank to have on hand for this winter. The initial investment of 7 additional tanks to add to my two I had for the grill cost around $300. We used 8 bottles total being conservative with the use. Off of that I supplied my house and my daughters house (next door) with power to run a refridgerator and fan, while I ran a freezer and refriderator and fan. We also had an outlet on for charging cell phones. I would turn on the hot water heater to charge it but would turn off some of the refridgerators just to be conservative. We are on a well, so it also had a big draw whenever the pump kicked on.
All and all I am delighted with my purchase, and will make sure to have plenty of propane in place for this winter! (we live on the side of the mountain and you can't always drive up the road). The nice thing about the propane it has a long shelf life unlike the gasoline powered units, so I can relax and know it will be good for a few years not a few months.
Hope this was helpful...


  1. Sportsman GEN7000LP 7000-Watt 13 HP OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator Description. For Emergencies, Camping, Power Outage ...

  2. I was dumpster diving when I came across this generator. It looked like it was barely used. So I jumped into recover it. It wasn't easy but with a little help from my girlfriend we finally got it out of there.Once I got it home all I needed was a regulator and a full tank of propane and she fired right up. What a score! I love this generator almost as much as I love dumpster diving.